Design the corridor – 66 interior design ideas for the hallway

Design the corridor - Modern furnishing trends in the hallway

In the first part of our article, we have written about some rules of thumb of the corridor design. In this we want to be more specific and illustrate the principles of the modern establishment of this area.

Design and decorate the hallway

furnishing ideas corridor flooring wallpapers flowers round table storage basket

Hallway with the matching furniture

furnishing ideas hallway decoration table lamps floor tiles

The selection of furniture

The choice of furniture for the hallway is no less complicated than this for the living room or bedroom. In terms of functionality, they can be divided into three groups:

  • Furniture for storing shoes and clothing;
  • Furniture for sitting and resting;
  • Furniture containing storage space.

The furniture that is used to store shoes and clothes are different cabinets and dressers. To sit and to rest (for example, shortly after you get home) serve stools and benches. If you have an extra niche or more room in the hallway, you can easily put a sofa there. It is modern that the pieces of furniture fulfill many different functions. This achieves high efficiency even on the smallest surface.

Spice up the ambience with flowers

flowers decoration white walls beautiful floor

Extravagant accessories captivate the eye

furnishing ideas hallway oval table dresser chandelier modern living ideas


For several years, the module furniture for all living areas are very popular. In 2016, this trend also affects the layout of the hall very much. The modular furniture can be easily adapted to your own needs. In addition, they can be put together again and again. In many cases, there is no alternative if you want to get the best out of your little hallway.

Modern ideas for the hallway

furnishing ideas corridor modern furniture mirror bin colored accent wall

Modules are functional and practical

corridor fashion modern furniture functional elegant

The wallpapers in the corridor design

Minimalism and tradition are not necessarily mutually exclusive. They work wonderfully together when they come together in the form of wall murals. They have always been a tradition in corridor design and can now continue to be used. Wall murals are a universal solution for larger homes that accommodate multiple generations or people of different tastes.

Beautiful wall design makes a positive first impression

interior design corridor wallpapers floor design floor tiles wall mirror

Dark wall design for a slightly more dramatic look

corridor shape dark walls wall wallpaper bin black floor tiles

We want to draw your attention to the fact that the variety of forms and effects is now greater than ever before. Carefully choose the option that best suits your style. Here is an overview of some modern trends among wall murals that are relevant to the wall design of the corridor.

Particularly modern variants are, for example, the non-woven wallpapers and these of easy-care and effective textiles, like these, which have visual similarities with metallic and glass fabrics.

The decoration is important

As a rule, most people have a narrow hallway, even if they live in a larger apartment. But there are exceptions. With the modern minimalist methods you save space and it may be that ultimately the larger corridor looks a bit too empty. This effect can result in a small ambience when applying seamless built-in furniture and interior design ideas. It is very important that the hallway tells the guest something and how every other room is filled with content. This can be achieved very well by decoration. The furniture itself can serve as such, but your hallway decoration could also be introduced into the room through various small decorative elements, pictures and even easy-care flowers.

Decorate the walls of your hallway

furnishing ideas hallway round carpet lighting floor tiles

Set up the hallway with comfortable furniture

corridor design seating furniture planting deco flooring

Design a seating area and peel it off with a cool rug

corridor shape armchair felled carpet flowers picture

Choose upholstered furniture for the hallway and decorate abundantly

furnishing ideas corridor flooring green sofa chandelier decoration

Plants are also welcome in the hallway

corridor design modern home decor plant wall mirror

Window and lighting in the corridor

Instead of summarizing, we would like to discuss this important aspect. As in any other room, lighting also plays an important role in making the whole thing complete and comfortable. It is fundamental whether you have windows or not. If you have light openings, then you must definitely use their potential in the best possible way. First, you should use mirrors and mirror surfaces to bring out the light of day. The sills and the space below should not be overlooked as space for built-in furniture and storage space. Also think about the darkening. Curtains and blinds are important because they allow you to correct the light access or completely entangled.

A cool zebra rug draws her attention immediately

furnishing ideas corridor fell carpet chandelier wooden beams white walls

The glass doors darken

corridor design carpet glass doors darken wall decoration

Illuminate with LED strips and set accents

corridor design led lighting bin decoration ideas

We wish you a lot of fun and good luck setting up your hall.

Repeat stripe patterns in several places

furnishing ideas corridor wall wallpaper sofa strip pattern plant

Create more storage space in the hallway through storage baskets

furnishing ideas corridor storage baskets carpet runner wall decoration white walls

Mirror surfaces bring style to the modern hallway

furnishing ideas corridor cool dresser bin mirror surfaces light gray wall paint

Choose suitable hall furniture and provide beautiful decoration

furnishing ideas corridor hallway decorating flowers photos wall mirror

Set up the hallway with a few stools

furnishing ideas hallway elegant stool wall mirror flowers

Dekovasen are beautiful decoration ideas for the corridor

furnishing ideas corridor functional furniture small side table flowers deco ideas

Create an accent wall in the hallway

furnishing ideas corridor crass accent wall bin lighting decoration

Wall mirrors and wall lights are a common solution for the hallway

furnishing ideas corridor orange walls wall mirror decoration seating furniture

furnishing ideas hallway armchair side table carpet floral elements

furnishing ideas corridor storage furniture pale yellow wall carpet

furnishing ideas hallway storage carpet

furnishing ideas corridor wall mirror deco bright walls

corridor design lighting deco ideas wall design ideas

corridor design deco ideas floor vases stylish stair railings

corridor design deco dekovasen flowers ceiling lighting

hallway decorating chandelier flooring wall sconces

hallway decorate wall mirror beautiful chandelier

corridor design spacious side tables candelabrum decorating

corridor design stool beautiful flooring wall decoration ideas deco ideas

corridor design small tight seating beautiful chandelier

corridor design minimalistic deco flowers floral interior stairs glass railing

corridor design modern furnishing white walls decoration ideas

Hallway Shoe Rackets Carpet Floor Tiles Ceiling Lights

hallway seating blue accent wall murals

corridor design sofa chandelier light gray carpet runner

furnishing ideas hallway furniture pallet table wall mirror

furnishing ideas corridor carpet runner coffered ceiling

furnishing ideas corridor oval wall mirror inside stairs beige walls

furnishing ideas hallway carpet bench rustic wall mirror darker floor

furnishing ideas hallway side table flowers window

furnishing ideas corridor floor tiles plants lighting

furnishing ideas corridor candlesticks floor tiles wooden bench deco ideas

furnishing ideas corridor carpet runner rustic table plant rustic chair

furnishing ideas corridor carpet runner brick wall plant cool chandelier

furnishing ideas corridor carpet pattern rustic entrance chandelier dresser

furnishing ideas corridor table table base lighting carpet pattern

furnishing ideas corridor wall decoration ideas black floor decoration

furnishing ideas hallway wall design light green wall sisalppich

furnishing ideas corridor white furniture throw pillow bin bright green wall design

furnishing ideas corridor bench sisal carpet storage ideas

furnishing ideas hallway traditional white walls

corridor design rustic furniture deco ideas home ideas

furnishing ideas hallway colored strip carpet table wall design ideas

Hallway side table light up cozy


furnishing ideas corridor flooring ideas plant wall mirror

corridor shape spacious interior stairs open plan

corridor design bench carpet runner round table flowers

corridor shape rustic table airy curtains candelabra

hallway make beautiful wall decoration paintings darker floor light walls

corridor design vintage dresser candelabra wall mirror