Kitchen back walls – 20 ideas how to make a beautiful back wall in your kitchen

Kitchen backsides - a variety of materials and designs enable functional kitchen design

The kitchen is a specific space, which at the same time appears compact and functional with the respective furnishings. Kitchens have specific kitchen accessories without which they just can not work. And of course you suffer from it! After all, you need a few things to develop your culinary skills. Work surface, accessories and furniture are indeed the necessary conditions that determine the kitchen work. But cooking is not just a technical process! Cooking is passion and art. That's why the atmosphere in the kitchen plays an essential role in that. A beautiful sense of space also guarantees an effective cooking activity, because you better enjoy what you do. That is also the reason why today we turn our attention to the Kitchen splashbacks want to steer and take a closer look at this functional and at the same time decorative kitchen element.

Kitchen back walls can be beautiful accents in the room

kitchen backs blue shades plant fresh tiles

Kitchen back walls are modern and beautiful completion of the kitchen design

living ideas kitchen colored back wall failed accents deco ideas white ground

Kitchen mirror in red brings the interior to life and gives the kitchen more character

home kitchen kitchen red stylish chandelier kitchen island

A back wall in the kitchen is a good investment for several reasons. This is how you separate the kitchen counter and the kitchen cabinets. The primary function of a kitchen back wall is to protect the wall area behind the sink and the cooking zone from dirt and water splashes. And Kitchen splashbacks can be easily cleaned, unlike walls.

Extraordinary kitchen back wall brings the kitchen to a higher level

home interior kitchen back wall glass fancy white kitchen cabinets wooden furniture

Set colored accents in the kitchen

kitchen splashbacks tiles colored funny light blue kitchen cabinets

If you design a back wall in the right way in the kitchen, you give the cooking area an artistic touch. Even the smallest room appears fresher and livelier, if you make the back of the kitchen beautiful. The variety of kitchen back walls is just as big as the kitchen designs themselves, in which they appear. They vary from minimalist neutral to adorned with tiny mosaic tiles. The functions that the back walls in the kitchen fulfill are both practical and oh-so decorative. This is illustrated by the examples below. Gather some ideas for your own kitchen design from this cool source of inspiration.

Bring a fresh breath into the cooking area

home decor kitchen floral pattern tile wooden kitchen cabinets round carpet

Do you want to have a rustic kitchen look? Then put on wood or wood look. Colored tiles and mosaic make the kitchen look fresh and make the mood cheerful. Wall panels are another way to add even more character to your kitchen. Incidentally, this variant proves to be particularly practical, because you can write various notes on it - recipes, favorite sayings and important things. You can even paint!

The blackboard makes your kitchen look unique

living ideas kitchen black wall panel red refrigerator open plan

Rustic idea for the kitchen

kitchen walls red tiles wood accents home decor kitchen

Fresh idea for the kitchen back wall

kitchen walls colored work surface wood optics

Let your kitchen appear natural

kitchen back walls rustic back wall brick

If you want a stylish kitchen look, then choose an elegant kitchen mirror. Wall wallpaper is also a great option for your kitchen back wall. In this case, it's not about paper wallpaper, but vinyl wallpaper. Because only they are water resistant and are not damaged by water droplets. You can also choose mirrors and stones for a beautiful kitchen back wall. Mirrors have an important advantage: They help the small kitchen to appear larger.

Mirror surfaces are stylish

kitchen backsides küchenspiegel dark blue living ideas kitchen

And so, what kind of back wall will you design in your kitchen? We hope we helped you with this difficult selection!

Lighting effects make the kitchen back wall even more beautiful

kitchen backsides glass light blue white kitchen island

Fresh tiles in shades of green

kitchen walls metro tiles green accents fresh

Mosaic tiles are another option for the back wall

kitchen backs mosaic light blue kitchen island beige walls

Design kitchen back wall with tiles

living ideas kitchen tile colored kitchen furniture open plan

Dark tiles for the back wall in the kitchen

home decor kitchen small black tile back wall floor finishes glatic bar stools

Simple idea for the kitchen back wall

kitchen rear walls steel bright kitchen cabinets large pendant light

Choose the most suitable material for your kitchen back wall

kitchen splashbacks stylish floor tiles kitchen island barstool

Kitchen back wall with pattern

home decor kitchen small kitchen set up back wall design

Stylishly design the back wall

home decor kitchen kitchen wallpaper kitchen back wall floor tiles