Shaker furniture stands for simplicity, function and aesthetics

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Get to know the Shaker furniture

 Shaker furniture stands for simplicity, function and aesthetics. To properly understand the phisophy behind it, we should first know who the shakers really were. These are the followers of a Protestant free church from the 18th century, which originate from England and subsequently emigrated to the USA.

They lived a life of absolute chastity, believing in simplicity and communal ownership. This explains the avoidance of ornaments and decorations in the typical Shaker interior. This looks rather rustic and rough. There are no superfluous elements that could distract from work and worship.

Authentic shaker kitchen

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The shaker style always helps to keep the calm, the clarity and the perspective. An interior in this style does not seem boring and cold. But on the contrary. The rooms appear larger and flooded with light. Shaker furniture gives the ambience an incomparable comfort and cosiness.

The shakers were carpenters for the most part. Initially you made furniture for your own use. Soon, however, their high-quality furniture found nationwide appeal. Especially popular and popular were their rocking chairs. Soon, the shaker carpentry workshops became furniture factories, where production was mass-produced. Nowadays, original shaker furniture is rare to find and rather collectable that you can hardly afford. Of course, many replicas are made. What happened to the shakers themselves? Unfortunately they are extinct except for three followers.

Shaker style is close to shabby chic

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What about the colors?

Cream, pigeon blue and gray-green are some of the shades most commonly encountered in shaker interiors. These colors reflect the light and create a cheerful atmosphere in the room. Very often it is combined with natural wood. Color accents are usually provided by the textiles, e.g. through red plaid cotton curtains and throw pillows. Of course, white and gray are also very popular, especially when it comes to the more modern interpretation of Shaker furniture.

Refined bathroom with a shaker aftertaste

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Flooring and wall design

The main rule still applies here - functional simplicity. Especially hardwood floors and parquet in a rough look are highly recommended for a shaker style interior. Their textures just fit the shaker furniture perfectly. The walls should keep you monochrome. Bright colors and patterns? None. That would be too much of a distraction for a real shaker.

Olive green is another suitable color for your shaker interior

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living textiles

As you may have guessed, natural materials are used here - cotton, silk, wool and linen. Here not only the look, but above all the haptic plays a decisive role.

In principle, the following applies to a shaker interior: Stay natural, uncomplicated and modest. The Shaker furniture and generally this style of furnishing can help to find more peace and balance to the hectic everyday life in the big city. No wonder that the shaker lifestyle is on the rise again and is becoming increasingly popular and popular. It is a tribute to the return to nature and to the true human values ​​that we sometimes seem to forget.

Natural wood is not only painted in a neutral color, but only oiled

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Of course, splashes of color can be created here and there

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Modesty and simplicity in every detail

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Dark wood nuances for a pinch of luxury

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Or rather rustic with light wood

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Of course, simplicity should not compromise ergonomics and functionality

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Experiment with a measured style mix

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Typical four-poster bed made of maple wood

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The coarse wood grain gives the Shaker furniture an even rougher and more rustic touch

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