Order in the garage – How to organize the garage properly

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Order in the garage - How to organize the garage properly

Do you want to get rid of the mess in the garage? This can certainly be achieved by a few simple storage solutions. Today we have a few ideas for you that will help you unlock more floor space and accommodate more items.

Install cabinets

These are not only suitable for the kitchen and the bathroom. In the garage you can wonderful tools, cleaning products and things for the entire season. They can be well hidden and cleared out of sight. You can design different zones by organizing things by category, project or activity. So you can Order in the garage and everything will have its place. Organize often-used items in cupboards and drawers that are easy to reach. Pay particular attention to the storage of detergents, paints and engine oil. They should be stored in a dry place away from children and animals.

Practical cabinets and shelving systems create order in the garage

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Our tip:

Tables can help you remember where you picked up something. You can also attach the date there. Particularly suitable for this are these cabinets with a blackboard on the front.

Keep things visible

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Use the garage space properly and organize everything very neatly. Small and open units are ideal for organizing small, frequently used items such as sports equipment and children's toys. The varying sizes of open containers help you to tailor your garage and your items to measure.

Save space with hanging storage units

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If you do not have enough floor space you should use the area of ​​your walls and doors to gain more space. Adaptable shelves provide more flexibility. This will make it easier to organize your space according to the needs of the family. It has been fitted with transparent rubber hoses next to the shelves to give more space and to clean up the accessories better. So you can organize the extra items in a great way. This is especially true in case the garage is very humid.

Consider hanging your things on hook. This is particularly appropriate when a greater distance is provided and the things but at the same time must be within reach. Hooks are a great proposition for accessories with long handles and items that are only used at certain times of the year.

List of mobile helpers

Rolling carts, cabinets, and buckets simply maneuver through the garage. You can collect grass, garden supplies and trash next to the door. You can easily move them back and forth for indoor and outdoor projects.

Adjust everything to your personal needs

Regulation in the garage shelving systems open wall shelves

Many garages have uniform needs. However, you can not always apply the same plan to everyone equally well. Units that offer both open and closed storage space are perfect for the garage. Book first-rate, easily accessible rooms for the most used items and stash the seasonal and under-used items on high shelves or overhead.

Well, how do you like the ideas? Are not they all feasible?

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