16 cool kitchen ideas for more storage space

Kitchen Ideas Wine Bottle Chairs

"My house is my castle"

The "My house is my castle!" Ideology will never become obsolete. If you close the door from the inside, you want to feel the protection and coziness of the home. One relaxes differently. Some sat down in front of the TV, some in front of the PC and there are those for whom cooking is the greatest pleasure.

Here we can rewrite the above saying, "My kitchen is my castle!". Do you count to this group? Keep asking yourself, where should I save all this? How can I arrange everything so that I have enough space and at the same time my kitchen looks cozy and comfortable?

Today we have collected some kitchen ideas for you that have inspired us recently. We have also prepared photos where you can examine modern, practical and even eccentric types of kitchen construction with more storage space. You will be quite surprised by our proposals, which are new horizons on how to store your kitchen accessories.

Let's move forward to the examples below ...

Our kitchen ideas for more storage space

Kitchen ideas open wine bottles

"Under the island". A simple and space-saving version of wine bottle storage.

"Bratislava Apartment"

Kitchen ideas opened schkrank

Designer and homeowner Lukas Kordik has created an impressive floor-ceiling kitchen cabinet to store essentials.

"Dallas Cozy Kitchen"

Kitchen ideas draw

See how the kitchen storage space can be transformed today.

"Harlem Apartment Kitchen"

Pull kitchen ideas island

 Limited kitchen counter? Think about a small portable island that you can easily pull out when you need extra space.

"New America"

Kitchenware dishes drawer

Nice mix of painted and wooden furniture. Clean, simple lines.

"Hanged under the island"

Kitchen ideas table hanging things

 We are not sure if we want to leave pots and pans visible anywhere but need to have everything nearby. Here is presented a hybrid that combines the 2 desired options.

"Oak Park Kitchen III"

Kitchen ideas kitchen cabinet

 This cabinet space includes a sitting area and a bar, along with a wall storage room where glassware and liquor bottles are kept.

European white

Kitchen ideas white kitchen

Here comes the European idea for a small and functional kitchen. The color is white, so you will not distract any nuances.

The cottage spirit

Kitchen ideas open pans

Open shelves, hanging fruit and funny colors reflect the holiday home spirit.

Made with imagination

Kitchen ideas couple cabinets

The furniture was in good condition, so the designers first cleaned it up. The outside has been repainted and the inside has been covered again with contact paper.

The secret cabinet

Kitchen ideas closet

Have a look at this small wall, which consists of a hidden storage room. There you can keep the forbidden favorite food of your children.

Under the stove

Kitchen ideas under the open

 An interesting idea with combined chrome and black.

Look minimalist

Kitchen ideas in the drawer

This kitchen has modern cabinet doors that give the design a minimalist look.

To enforce an urban style

Kitchen ideas many dishes

In turn comes a kitchen whose smooth and natural lines imbue an urban and modern style.

Shaping over the improvised fireplace

Kitchen ideas pendant lights green

The fireplace is actually a bookcase and the plate design on top we find cool.

Shaping in white and mineral colors

Kitchen ideas lemon board

The white and mineral colors meet in this kitchen to give it a unique look.


Everyone has their unique style and taste. Everyone designs their home according to their own feelings. Nevertheless, it is always a refreshment to explore new tips and examples.

We hope that the 16 cool kitchen ideas for more storage space that we have presented to you will somehow put you into action. That's how life is pleasant and easier, is not it?