Nice living room set up – 15 modern living ideas

chic living room set fire place sofas armchair soft

Locking a family room means creating a pleasant living atmosphere in the mostly inhabited room

 The living room proves to be one of the cosiest rooms at home, where the whole family entertains, watches TV and even eats snacks. It is the perfect place for recreation and family reunions. Most of the living room is furnished with TV or even has a small library with a reading area.

A fireplace with fireplace or stove is another addition to the family room, which warms the whole room and gives it a lot of comfort.

In order to feel as comfortable and comfortable as possible in the living room, it should be furnished thematically and fit. Discuss the style of living with your family and design this space according to your common taste and desire. Here we show some contemporary, chic living room for those of you who like the modern style of living. Follow our tips below and create a comfortable living space.


15 modern, chic living rooms

furnish fire place chic living room glass

This colorful wall design contrasts with the gray accents that can be seen throughout the room.

Coffered ceiling gives the room more formality and increases the incentive to do so

set fire place leather chic living room sofa wall

Gray and black pieces of furniture combine very well with the wood flooring

chic living room-set-hearth-round-desktop-glass

 The wall shelves and decorations add extra contemporary touches to the room.

The chocolate brown is simply artful, especially when associated with ivory colors

chic living room set up brown sofas television ceiling lighting

 The fireplace under the big screen is a fascinating accent.

The stone hearth and wood ceiling are rugged rustic elements in this room, but the sofa and wall shelves echo the contemporary style everywhere

furnish living style chic living room stool orange double sofa

Check the patterns on the carpet, which also shows a modern style. Even the sofa fits the living style here

furnish sofa carpet chic living room dining table

A comfortable upholstered chair in black is the perfect seat where you can relax in this living room

living room ideas modern lounge armchair leather fireplace

The upholstered chair here is the same from the top picture

living room design chic modern lounge armchair leather sofa

 The carpet here separates the room from the tile flooring.

Subtle wall shelves in orange give this room a lively touch

living room ideas design chic modern vibrant orange

This family room looks like because of the color scheme

chic modern gray colors living room design pillow tabletop glass

The decorative items and items in this room make it look eclectic

chic modern white cozy living room design armchair

Northwest Hills redesign

living room furnish chic modern family meeting fireplace


living room decor design chic beautiful gray color built-in fireplace sofa

Greenbrae, CA.

chic living room set-and-white sofas-coffee table-wood

The orange elements make this room appear lively and colorful

family room children games ladder high beds large sofa


Undoubtedly, the family rooms pictured here are gorgeous and superbly appointed. All of them are variously decorated, but all share the same style of living - the contemporary one. If you like these interior designs, you can still see our modern bedrooms and kitchens.