Open shelves – Functional storage ideas in the form of shelves

Open shelves - How to properly use the design potential of open shelves

Everyone seems to have their own opinion about the open shelves. Some love the modern trend of using them not only in the kitchen, but everywhere in the home. Others find the idea daunting. But nobody remains indifferent. Basically, we can name the following advantages of a room design with open shelves: We keep everything in mind in the open shelving systems and can beautifully show off our beautiful collection.

Open shelves are good in the kitchen

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The disadvantages are mainly associated with the care. If something is displayed visibly, it also needs to be dusted and cleaned often. The dishes should be representative, every broken piece becomes a problem.

Arrange and decorate open shelves

living ideas kitchen open wall shelves rustic metro tiles

Open wall shelves in minimalist style

home decor kitchen open wall shelves wood deco ideas

We want to convince you with the info in this article that the benefits are actually more than the disadvantages. The attention is too much directed to the second. Learn from our examples how to properly use the design potential of open shelves.

Mount open metal shelves to the kitchen wall

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Make the most of the most used pieces

Plates, bowls, glasses and cups - are these the most commonly used pieces of tableware in your home? Distribute these bravely on open shelves. Sort them by shape and color. Organized according to this principle, they will look good, even if they do not all look the same.

What do you arrange on the open shelves?

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With this type of shelf design you can enjoy many advantages. The dishes are easy to get. In addition, daily use will cause less dust or dirt to collect on it, so you will need to clean up less.

Modern kitchen with open shelves

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They will sort everything easier

If the crockery is constantly in front of your eyes, it can easily be sorted again and again and so you do not keep the superfluous things for too long. Order and minimalism naturally determine the atmosphere in your home.

The open shelves provide more clarity

living ideas kitchen kitchen island open wall shelves

Wooden wall shelves and green worktop

living ideas kitchen open shelves green working area

Arrange everything meaningfully

Arrange everything at home so that it makes sense. Once you have done that, the rest can be easily arranged according to aesthetic criteria. Obtain the appropriate tools. Do you have many tall shelves? Do you have a nice ladder ready for easy climbing?

Organize the shelves so that they are usable

open shelves wooden rustic white walls

Open shelves are good in the country kitchen

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Leave room for a few closed shelves

The open shelves are no obligation in the living room design. We all have ugly dishes at home that we still want to use. For this, as well as for many other things you can find space in closed shelf cabinets. Get a consistent look by using the same materials.

Kitchen cabinets, wine racks and open wall shelves provide a good storage space

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Special room for the heavy objects

Especially with the open shelf you have to calculate very well the load that it has to carry. The heavy objects should be placed below and you would have to think well their distribution, so that one or the other place is not too heavily loaded.

Distribute the objects correctly

open shelves bright kitchen furniture beautiful flooring

Metro tiles and open wall shelves

living ideas kitchen metro tiles open shelves

Emphasize the artistic aspect

The open shelving systems work well when the artistic aspect is highlighted in their design. Bring colored and fancy crockery to the fore, spread among these ornamental plants, sculptures and cookbooks. Make the open shelves your own art installation and enjoy the beautiful results every day!

Modern ideas for the storage space in the kitchen

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Put colored dishes on the wall shelves

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Design the small kitchen with many open wall shelves

living ideas kitchen open shelves kitchen island bar stools

Country style and wall shelves

living room kitchen open shelves dish dishes

Symmetrical wall shelves in the kitchen

living ideas kitchen open wall shelves modern kitchen island wooden floor hanging lamps

Functional wall shelves with an attractive design

open shelves metal bin ideas kitchen

Storage space ideas with wall shelves

living ideas kitchen modern wall shelves dining area