15 stunning modern kitchens in the L – shape

 L shaped modern kitchens

Modern kitchens in L-shape


Do you know that there are the so-called L-shaped, C-shaped and U-shaped kitchens? Today will be the first kind of speech. Maybe you will opt for one of the variants for modern kitchens also decide at home.

Cupid house

L shaped modern kitchens wooden furniture kitchen island as a bar

This apartment owes much of its beauty to the Brazilian cherry wood floor. But the shape also makes it appear more spacious and pleasant.

Ann Harbor kitchen

L shaped modern kitchens wooden furniture table bar stools

The color of the walls and cabinets and the stainless steel accessories make this room beautiful.

Ballard residence

L shaped modern kitchens galvanized bar

The kitchen counter area was supplemented with zinc. It is adjacent to a sun room. Is not that great? This Seattle kitchen is the result of a great transformation.

Casey kitchen

modern kitchens l shaped wood furniture green floor table

Apflegrün provokes spring and freshness and new shoots. The high gloss floor looks like a meadow through them.

Chicago cuisine

modern kitchens l shaped kitchen island white brown

This Chicago cuisine shows a black and white glow. This makes her look beautiful. The floor plan of the kitchen gives more space here.

Big rapids make a modern design appear softer.

modern kitchen l shaped kitchen island bar stools

The male appearance of this room is created by the dark cabinets and the island. The colored splashes in the artwork have given the entire room a softer character. Modern kitchens like these leave an unforgettable mark.

Heatherhill kitchen

modern kitchen l shaped kitchen island

Maple wood cabinets are located on a wide wall in this kitchen. They are visible just behind the dining area. Stainless steel hood and back wall provide more charm in the kitchen.

Knollwood kitchen

modern kitchen l shaped kitchen island as a bar bar stool lighting

Here we have to do with a house, which is located on the edge of a deep gorge. The heart of this apartment is the kitchen. The room has been specially designed with the owner of gourmet restaurant Austin.

Pass residence

modern kitchens l shaped wood furniture

Here is a look into the kitchen. Note the clerestory windows, which let in plenty of natural light and make it look bigger.

Private Residence California

modern kitchen l shaped wooden furniture kitchen island

Did you like the color of the cabinets? We love them as much as the surfaces and the great pendant lights.

Sacket Street Sandstone

modern kitchen l shaped glass table chairs

Take a look at the brightly shaded floors. They make a great contrast to the darker cabinets. These elements complement each other. The bright walls are certainly also great.


modern kitchen l shaped lighting

Inside the house, everything inside the existing shell in this residence from 1893 is completely renewed from a modern perspective. The design increases the flexibility and the connection in the light room. This creates many structural improvements.

Summerlin residence

modern kitchens l shaped shelves kitchen island bar stools

This new kitchen design makes for a lot of space by putting the shelves on the walls in use. You look wonderful in front of the stone walls. The wood is a blend of espresso and African mahogany.

Whistler retreat in the mountains

modern kitchen l shaped kitchen island as a bar bar stool

Everyone who gets to see these cabinets will be delighted by the beautiful panels of the cabinets. Add to that the nice hanging lamps.

Attic on Williamsstreet

contemporary kitchen l shaped large room

The dining rooms in the kitchen and living room belong to a large open plan. They adjoin a backyard.

Did one of these works inspire you to create your own style? Me certainly! I also want to see more modern kitchens like this.