30 home design examples of how to set up nicely

Tips for housing design, which always work well in every context

Housing is not as complex as many people think. There are many different styles and decorations, but at the same time there are certain basic rules that apply almost always. These are the insider tips of good designers: they make it possible thanks to this, any room cozy and well-structured. Once you have achieved this, then the rest of the facility works relatively easily.

Housing design with colored files in warm colors

flat decorating ideas colors pattern combine modern fireplace

Forget the clichés

One of the secrets of good designers is that you should abstract from stereotypes. They are sometimes useful, but they must not be considered as a dogma. Do not always think that a room must be balanced, balanced and structured according to certain patterns.

Home Decor - Furnish a chic living room in neutral colors

flat decorating ideas living room chic sofas fireplace carpet cozy

Set up the small dining area fresh

Home decor eating area framing white walls

To highlight the brick walls with suspended luminaires

flat decorating ideas kitchen kitchen island hanging lamps

They could fall out of line and create a good custom design

Do not be afraid to combine different styles in the design. You can easily combine one or the other piece of luxury furniture with the rest of the furniture.

The eclectic approach is very modern and practical. It just can not be done on an arbitrary principle. The styles used should have certain connective properties and characteristics for this to work well.

Eclectic interiors fascinate at once ...

flat decorating ideas eclectic living room bright green walls

Pictures and artwork on a neutral wall

The accent walls are typical of the modern apartment. But they are somehow too demanding. Because in the end, they could quickly get boring and tiring. This is especially true for the very bold solutions.

The beautiful wall design is crucial

flat design living room beautiful wall design bright furniture

Why do not you group some artwork together on a neutral wall? They can easily be removed if you do not feel like it again.

Try to achieve much with less resources

Less resources and maximum effect - that is what most good designers aspire to! So the look is flush, the customers happy with the expenses and the care works easier. So, through this approach, everything pays out multiple times in the interior designer.

Divide and fragment the space as little as possible!

The medium and small spaces should not be split and fragmented. Yes, they can form different zones, but on the whole there should be smooth transitions and wide perspectives.

Small living room set up

flat decorating ideas living room wooden table brown sofa white carpet

Make for an attractive living room design

flat decorating ideas chic interior design small living room

Designers almost always prefer the monochrome wall pallets!

Among all the possibilities, most designers prefer home furnishings in neutral tones. There are so many neutral colors that are anything but boring.

Living room in neutral colors exudes warmth and coziness

home decor living room fireplace light carpet beautiful throw pillow

Fresh interior design in neutral shades

home decor living room neutral colors fireplace

Cleverly combine patterns

flat design living room fabric pattern Roman blinds

Living room design with a natural touch

flat decorating ideas floor cushions gray sofa throw pillow

Integrate side tables

Side tables can be integrated in large numbers so that they are hardly noticeable. This creates a lot of storage space and does not spoil the seamless look. The home decorating ideas with these are also very well in any style.

Create more storage space through side tables

flat decorating ideas living room living room round side table

Side tables are functional pieces of furniture

home decor living room side table light gray sofa

Hide your TV if it is possible

Technical devices, such as televisions, for example, have a negative impact on us and we hardly notice it. They also spread some tension in the interior design. Good designers are looking for different ways to hide them from view.

Mixing different patterns

Mixing different patterns is a very good design trick. He makes the interior appear particularly lifted. But that's not an easy task. Experiment with different combinations until you've done something really good.

home decor living room throw pillow carpet colored stool rocking chair

home decor living room beautiful wall design green carpet

flat design open plan living room fireplace white sofas

flat design white black interior color contrast

home decorating living room pattern combination

flat design living room set up bright furniture parquette

Flat design living room set up ideas pattern combine

apartment design living room wooden table bin ideas deco ideas

home decor living room pattern light carpet

flat decorating ideas living room fancy coffee table vintage

flat decorating ideas eclectic living room design beautiful wall decoration retro puff

flat decorating ideas bedroom blue walls

flat decorating ideas bedroom beautiful wall decor murals carpet white walls

flat decorating ideas home ideas kitchen green work surface mosaic tiles

flat decorating ideas living room living room bright green sofa white walls

flat decorating ideas living room decorative carpet