Modern fireplaces – 22 examples of fireplaces making the interior and exterior cozy

Through modern fire pits to achieve a beautiful design

Fire can be both an accent in the decor, as well as quite functional. Just think of a modern ambience. What does it contain? Is there a hearth in this one? Certainly yes! A modern furnished living room is in most cases equipped with a fireplace. Bedroom is also set up with a fireplace. And you do not just do that because you want to warm the room. You do it because fire has an attraction. We've created a cool photo spread to show you how modern fireplaces change the interior design. Enjoy this!

Modern fireplaces bring style and warmth into the room

hearth living room warm colors carpet oranger armchair white walls

Modern fireplaces inscribe themselves into every living room

modern fireplaces living area wooden walls accessories

Modern fireplace brings a stylish flair in the living area

modern fireplaces living room beige stool carpet stylish wall design

The modern fireplace is a partition

fireplace bedroom gray open plan

Fireplaces are a good solution if you want to heat a room and at the same time make it appear elegant. The fireplace should be carefully chosen because it will act as an interior element and influence the appearance of the room through its presence. Fireplaces can be rustic, traditional or completely modern. For every style of furnishing you can find something suitable. Do you want to give your living room a rustic look, then you need a rustic fireplace. And a modern furnished living area will look even more beautiful if you include a modern fireplace in these. Of course, other combinations are possible. For example, If you want to create an eclectic space, you could complement the modern decor with a rustic fireplace. The interior design will just look spectacular.

Set accents through the fireplace

modern fireplaces living room white black

Fire, plants, rattan - A combination that makes the room seem natural

Modern fireplaces living room furnishings curtains white wall paint

Fireplace and LED lighting make this living room a cool space

modern fireplaces living room gray carpet chic furniture cool ceiling

Attach a bio ethanol fireplace to the wall

modern fireplaces wall attached living room living room

Integrate minimalist fireplace in the living room

fire living minimalist bright ambience

Black and white in the living room combine

modern fireplaces eckkmin living area black coffee table light floor tiles

Fireplaces are interior elements which at the same time convey coziness and a modern look to the room. Not only the interior but designed with a fireplace. Fireplaces find their right place in the outdoor area. Burning fire looks naturally in the open air. That's why you design the backyard more often with an outdoor fireplace. This is something natural for the garden. The recreation area is transformed into a real outdoor paradise by integrating a fire pit. Especially on warm nights, when the fire crackles softly, you can enjoy the game of flames over a glass of wine for a long time.

Open fireplace for the garden

hearth garden white bench planting garden ideas

Sit in front of the fireplace and make yourself comfortable

hearth garden garden ideas seat cushion exterior ideas

Enjoy the beautiful weather outdoors with a glass of wine

hearth garden plants gardening ideas

If you do not use the fireplace for a while, you can transform it into a unique accessory. Anyway, decorate the fireplace with any decorative items, why not decorate the fireplace itself when not using? Candles are a common solution in this case. Hopefully our examples inspired you to buy a modern fireplace? Then act courageously and realize your old dream, design a beautiful interior design with a modern fireplace at home!

Decorate the fireplace if you do not use it

modern fireplaces living room eyecatcher spacious wood floor

hearth living room decorating candles colored carpet

hearth decorate home decor deco flowers colors


Fireplaces bedroom style luxurious bedding

hearth living room stone wall accent wall beige carpet

modern fireplaces minimalist living area black carpet

modern fireplaces bin tv area living area

modern fireplaces wall paint white black white armchair

modern fireplaces living room gray wall white carpet flowers