Furnish your apartment comfortably – some nice interior design ideas

kitchen set up brick wall tulips table decoration

Country style or how to comfortably furnish the apartment

The country style was discovered at the beginning of the 20th century in the USA. But he became so popular in the 70s. You can also call it a rural style. If you want to draw parallels, then you can not but think of Provence.

Create a cozy relaxation area

flat cozy fireplace fireplace purple carpet

But today we stay overseas. Because in the local country style you will find great features. These could also integrate you at home and thus make your apartment comfortable.

Fresh kitchen design in country style

kitchen beautiful living sisal carpet country style

Practical solutions

When we return to Provence, it is said that one of the main differences is one of priority. Because in Provence you are looking for the relation to nature and romance. In the country style, however, everything must be super comfortable in the first place. So would also be the items for which you decide on your cozy home furnishings. They should have been created from wood or metal.

 The colored carpet inscribes itself into the interior of the room

flat cozy set up colored carpet white sofa fireplace

Contemporary may be less

This is also super specific. Many other "rural" styles, including Provence, are limited to decorative and stylistic aspects. But in country style you also copy the functionality of earlier times. Some people like it, they want to furnish their apartments comfortably and do without modern technology. But it is actually all aware how strongly your senses are burdened and disturbed by the modern devices. Do not you find it helpful to get rid of these influences?

Comfortable corner sofa with throw pillows

Apartment Cozy Decorating Soft Rug Throw Pillows

Combine colors

apartment comfortably furnished open plan living room kitchen

Natural and environmentally friendly

The use of all sorts of natural materials is part of the definition of country style. From a modern point of view, we are dealing with a very environmentally friendly approach. If you do not have the opportunity to furnish your home in country style, there are also artificial options. Great and well made imitations would also be perfectly acceptable in the modern establishment.

Country kitchen with industrial look

kitchen setting country style cozy hanging lamp

Rustic coffee table

apartment comfortably furnished living room coffee table

natural shades

If you have one flat comfortably furnished If you want, then the natural nuances are a very successful means dar. In country style, these are abundant. Some are more typical than others. So, when it comes to country style, it's better to look for white, beige, green, blue and yellow. When we are on the topic of nature nuances, we would like to provoke you with the following question: Did you know that there are cultural differences in the definition of natural colors? The Mexican rural style is characterized by bright orange nuances! We Europeans are more restrained. How could one determine the Americans?

Equip elegant country kitchen

kitchen white kitchen cabinets bar stools rustic table

Floor of stones or wood

Natural tiles or wood are the two possible variants if you want to furnish an apartment in this style. Both are pretty comfortable, we find. What would you choose?

Stylish corner sofa and great wall decoration

living room furnished cozy outfit corner sofa

Simple wall design

The wall design must be simple but very cozy. Simple stucco, but also imitation of bricks or stones would be in this case in question.

Brick wall in the kitchen

kitchen set accent wall red brick wall pendant lights

Stucco and wooden beams on the ceiling

Here too is something of modernity. You should definitely do without the modern solutions. As I said, these ancient approaches make the senses relax. In this way, you can easily set up the apartment without investing much money and money.

Wooden beams and chandeliers combine

kitchen furnishing wooden beams kitchen island chandelier

Comfortable and functional furniture

Furniture, like everything else in country style, must also have been made from natural materials. The number of items must not be too high. For that, they would have to be particularly functional.

Comfortable living room in country style

Living room country style rustic side table

Add fresh green accents

living room set up green accents white sofa


In a country-style ambiance, there must be a fireplace. But he should look somewhat more ancient in design. The corresponding accessories could help in this regard also much further.

Burning fireplace

living room comfortably furnished fireplace floral table decoration

Create a cozy atmosphere by a fireplace

living room fireplace sismalppich gray sofa

Great little things

We made the comparison to Provence already at the beginning of our article and then resumed several times. At this point he can be listed again. The little things from everyday life, such as boots, baskets and specific clothing, will be able to contribute much more to the authentic country mood.

Wooden floor and wooden beams

Apartment Cozy Decorating Staircase Country Style

A modern living room with cow hide rug

apartment comfortably furnished brown sofa cuddly carpet

This red brick wall is the accent in this kitchen

kitchen set up wood floor brick wall kitchen island

Simple and stylish kitchen in white

flat cozy decorating kitchen equipment country style

A plant will spice up the country kitchen

kitchen set up white kitchen island