Patchwork carpet as a modern and creative solution for your home

patchwork carpet carpet floor carpet carpet

Patchwork carpets in the nursery promote the development of the little ones


It is very important that the children have a suitable place to play. So you can let off steam in various children's games and other preferred occupations.

You will also feel calmer and more relaxed in the nursery, because you do not have to be careful all the time if you are doing something wrong or dirty.

The parents are probably the same.

The patchwork rug as part of the modern interior design

patchwork carpet warm colors living room flooring

Well, from the usual play areas of the children you can do much more than simply determine the area as safe and free.

You can, for example, buy or have a patchwork rug, which also promotes the development of the little ones. On it different colors, figures, numbers, symbols and many other pictures can appear. It is not difficult to turn it into a DIY project. You can also easily design the idea yourself and order it from a tailor.

Patchwork runners in the hallway in a variety of shades

patchwork carpet living room wooden floor runner

Choose the fabrics and patterns

You can also easily create a carpet of many different colors and patterns. At an early age this is already encouraging enough. The little ones will already be very strong in developing the ability to perceive different objects, shades, motifs.

The patchwork carpet fits perfectly in the nursery, but not only there

patchwork carpet and runner sewing colorful pieces together

Lay carpet in patchwork style in the children's play area

patchwork carpet and runner colorful pieces

Carpet made of fabric labels

patchwork carpet from labels living room flooring

Cowhide rug pieces spice up the carpet design

patchwork carpet living room cow rug pieces

Carpet mix of different textiles

patchwork carpet living room flooring carpet

Attach different figures and numbers

As soon as you choose the different pieces of fabric, you can also cut out of textiles also figures, numbers and other symbols and objects. These you can install in the different squares. This will be a topic according to which the little ones can develop different skills.

Signal yellow as a fresh accent

patchwork carpet living room flooring yellow

In principle you can practice reading and arithmetic!

Figures can in turn develop the imagination. On this basis, one would be able to put together very different narratives.

For a colorful room design

patchwork carpet colorful squares living room flooring

Determine the dimensions

Before you start to make or order the rug, you have to calculate the dimensions exactly. The covered area must have the optimum width. Watch this happen. Prepare in advance a project carpet that can have the planned dimensions. A blanket can take on this function.

Do you really need a runner or a rug?

patchwork carpet colorful stripes runner living room flooring

Let the kids play on it. Watch how they feel and know for sure that you have planned the area appropriately.

What is the floor area you want to cover?

patchwork carpet colorful stripes living room furniture

Determine the carpet size and colors in advance

patchwork carpet living room flooring green

health and safety

Safety always comes first in the nursery! Even a patchwork rug must totally meet the criteria of health and safety. The interesting look must not be against the health of the children.
The patchwork carpet, like any other object in the nursery, must be made of ecologically clean materials that contain no toxins. The carpet must also protect the little ones from injuries and colds.

The carpet should be made of ecologically clean materials if you want to lay it in the nursery

patchwor carpet colorful stripes runner living room furniture

Vintage rugs are also announced

patchwork carpet colorful pieces stitching together living room furniture

Combine carpet pieces in different shades of blue and sew together

patchwork carpet living room flooring blue

Patchwork carpet in front of the fireplace

patchwork carpet living room flooring blue floral pattern

Idea for a relaxing corner in the country house style

fashion patchwork carpet living room flooring windowsill

Patchwork rugs are often in all rainbow colors

patchwork carpet living room flooring colorful

A neutral color palette is also in demand

patchwork carpet living room flooring various patterns

Combining colorful patterns daringly - unique variations are the result

patchwork carpet and runner colorful ideas