Home Decorations – Vintage, Provence and Shabby Chic in Comparison

Furnishing ideas in three styles – Vintage, Provence and Shabby Chic

Old objects, pastel shapes, romance and nostalgia – that’s more than a style in interior design. This description could refer to the vintage style as well as to Provence and Shabby Chic. What is the difference between these styles? How do we manage to always separate them? First, let’s take a look at the characteristics of these styles one by one and then we draw the comparison.

Furnishing ideas in shabby chic style

furnishing ideas shabby chic candles carpet

Furnishing Ideas – Vintage Living Room Frame

furnishing ideas vintage floral decoration white walls

Characteristic features of vintage style

The vintage style comes from France. This is a term that refers to the old and noble French wine. However, it has gradually begun to apply this term in other areas of life, such as in the field of fashion and design.

Furnish and decorate the living room in vintage style

furnishing ideas living room furnishings chandelier fireplace wall decoration

Orange living room sofa contrasts beautifully with the vintage carpet

furnishing ideas vintage living room wall shelves orange sofa

Vintage Throw pillows and carpet

furnishing ideas living ideas living room zig zag pattern fireplace vintage

The vintage style involves the use of items that have been used by older generations.

But at the same time it is important that any characteristic of the style corresponds to the character of the present epoch.

Striped carpet and rustic coffee table combine

furnishing ideas living ideas living room vintage striped carpet

Colors of the vintage style

For vintage style, designers use different nuances of one and the same color. There are also dark colors used, which provides a contrast. It is important that the dominance of the dark colors in the interior design is avoided.

The inequalities and broken parts on the walls and on the furniture are considered to be no disadvantages, but as evidence of the old, and thus for the noble character of the design.

Vintage living room with a natural look

furnishing ideas vintage leather furniture beautiful carpet

In accordance with the monochrome concept, the furniture and curtains should also be made in a similar one of the main color palette.

The room can be decorated by various accessories. Nothing should be left to chance: you should only use objects that really represent the zeitgeist.

Elegant living room design in vintage style

furnishing ideas vintage living room furnishings fireplace curtains beige

Characteristic features of Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic is a relatively new style dating back to the 1980s. He originated in the UK. This reflects many characteristics that are typical of the English. These are the conservatism, the love of the old and noble objects and also the pursuit of living as sparingly as possible. That’s why buying antique items on antique and flea markets has become a trend.

Shabby chic living area in light tones

flat decorating ideas shabby chic living room floor tiles

A chandelier hanging over the dining table

flat decorating ideas dinning room set up fancy carpet

The dominant colors in Shabby Chic are bright, but it never comes to the use of pure white. Rather, the pale nuances are used, which emphasize the age and the presence of the objects.

Set colored accents in the dining room

interior design white walls round dining table shabby chic wall shelf

Shabby Chic living room with a romantic atmosphere

Flat decorating ideas living room shabby chic style

For the development of furniture and accessories are mainly natural materials or ceramic tiles with natural look used.

The gold leaf color on the furniture is another typical feature of this style.

This style is characterized in all its aspects with ease, gentleness and a noble character.

Fresh living room design with blue elements

flat decorating ideas shabby chic planting curtains

Characteristic features of the style Provence

Provence – this is the style of rural France and it comes from the province of the same name. The designers drew inspiration from the simple and natural life of the farmers there and created a style that carries just that character.

Cozy living room in the style of Provence

interior design ideas living room provence style

In the style of Provence, objects are collected that at the same time look very noble and simple. Furthermore, the worship of heritage, which has remained with us from past times and generations, is typical of the Provence style.

Abundant application of wood in the wall and ceiling design

A typical feature of the style Provence is the abundant application of wood in the wall and ceiling design. There, the items made of this material carry a functional as well as decorative character.

The wooden beams suggest the style of decor in this living area

Interior design living room blue carpet floral design flooring

Beautiful wall and ceiling design

interior design ideas living room provence stripe pattern

In the modern variant of the Provence style, ceramic tiles in wood look often appear.

Perhaps you can draw many conclusions yourself from the presentation of the three styles. Here is our quintessence of the whole. Of all three styles, the antique character of the items is most pronounced at Vintage. The old objects are the center and the starting point of the design concepts in this style.

The combination of stone and wood makes the living area seem natural

interior design ideas living room decor provence

In shabby chic not so much the individual items play an important role, but the nostalgia for the past and the romance that is associated with it. The old objects are more in the background and serve as decoration.

In the style of Provence, you should not only use old objects, but those that are inherited from generation to generation. This is about the demonstration of the desire to preserve the family heritage and traditions.

In short, vintage stands for the originality of antique objects, shabby chic for upscale elegance and provence – for the sophisticated look that draws inspiration from rural life.

Fresh floral patterns everywhere

furnishing ideas bedroom vintage beautiful ceiling

Living room set up ideas

furnishing ideas vintage style clock wall mirror

Dark leather furniture and yellow curtains

furnishing ideas vintage style living room leather furniture curtains pattern

Vintage decor ideas for the wall

furnishing ideas vintage living room leather furniture white walls hanging lamp

Stylish vintage armchair

furnishing ideas living room decorating ideas vintage style

Set up the small room in vintage style

furnishing ideas living room set up vintage style small room

furnishing ideas living room beautiful ceiling vintage style chandelier

furnishing ideas living room vintage gray accent wall

furnishing ideas living room vintage style wall clock noble furniture

interior design ideas living room beautiful deco floral pattern

interior design ideas living room shabby chic throw pillow

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Flat decorating ideas bedroom decorating vintage flower pattern

Flat decorating ideas bedroom shabby chic style floral design

flat decorating ideas shabby chic bathroom carpet runner

flat decorating ideas shabby chic living room wooden floor rustic coffee table

Flat decorating ideas vintage living room fireplace

flat decorating ideas home ideas bedroom vintage

flat decorating ideas living room fell carpet bright walls floor cushions

flat decorating ideas living room bright interior

furnishing ideas vintage style white walls wall clock

home decor living room fireplace wall decor carpet vintage style

Flat decorating ideas modern vintage bedroom