Antique fittings and lamps for a stylish decor

            Impressive lamps and antique fittings in a retro design

Although the modern world dictates its own rules in interior design, antique hardware and lamps are not going out of fashion. Straight lines and simple lines offer incomparably more space and light, but there are moments when you really want to feel important and enjoy the comfort of a "royal house". If you're into antique and antique furniture, you'll find stylish design ideas with antique fittings and lamps. We have found a harmonious selection of furnishing elements on the website So you are just a mouse click away from the opportunity to give your home a retro touch!

Cozy and stable facility

antique fittings lamps nachhalige products villa stylish retro furniture decorating ideas

In order for us to be able to relax after a stressful working day at home, we need the right atmosphere. A comfortable and stylish country-style décor can be the right solution. Whether you use restored country-style furniture or antique brass lamps, it's up to you.

The undisputed charm of Provence

antique fittings sustainable products country house stylish retro furniture

antique fittings lamps sustainable products country house stylish retro furniture design home decor

Nostalgic furniture made of bright solid wood and antique fittings give the interior an unforgettable touch of style. Materials such as leather, stone or ceramics are also part of this kind of furniture and can be perfectly combined with each other. The natural structure and colors of these materials dominate the country house style. High-quality workmanship plays a very important role. Use different variations such as door, window and furniture fittings. You can also opt for coat hooks made of iron and copper in very different designs. A model of brass with antique patina or additionally adorned with porcelain - discover the wide selection of country-style coat hooks.

The right lamp proves the good taste

antique fittings lamps nachhalige products villa stylish retro

antique fittings lamps nachhalige products villa stylish retro design furniture

antique fittings lamps nachhalige products villa stylish lamps models design proposals

Nowadays, the mass industry offers a huge selection of bulbs. But to stand out from the crowd, we need unique lamps that look stylish. Let yourself be inspired in the design of your apartment of high-quality models. Opt for table or wall lights and show your own interior design style. You can choose from a wide range of options - from playful floral elements to industrial styles to lamps with colorful glass shades. The motives displayed on each device can be borrowed from antique light sources to complete the desired ambience in your home.

High quality materials make the difference

antique fittings lamps nachhalige products villa stylish retro luxorioes models

The highlights of each apartment are of course the furniture. There are countless design options to transform your home through antique fittings in a stylish and inviting space. Antique fittings and lamps can be made of brass, bronze or other materials. The products made of these two materials are durable and corrosion resistant. In other words, they do not rust. If you choose quality, you can count on sustainable furnishings.

So if you want to design your house or apartment in this style, then you can buy antique fittings, coat hooks, furniture handles and much more in various online shops or on site. The market offers a rich assortment for every taste. The matching accessories are available for both modern and classic country style furnishings. Let yourself be inspired!