Colorful furniture – 30 interior design ideas with lots of color

Colorful furniture – so they are integrated into the interior design

Do you lack the courage to paint the walls in colorful shades? Relax the mood with colorful furniture! Here are some helpful tips and ideas for doing so. Even a very small piece can change the essence if it is positioned correctly.

Colorful furniture – living room sofa with floral pattern

furniture colorful floral pattern home interior living room colored sofa

Dining table with colorful designer furniture

In a neutral room, a dining table with colorful designer chairs would totally lighten the mood. They can be different colors. At least choose one in a garish shade. Draw inspiration from the current nuances of the year to be completely modern.

Colorful furniture – Colored dining chairs

colorful furniture dinning chairs carpet long curtains

Colorful, yet stylish

colorful furniture dining area colored chairs

Yellow in a dark workroom

The modern monochrome color palettes can sometimes be really extravagant. For example, they combine colors such as green, blue and gray. For a breezy atmosphere, we recommend the use of natural light, the use of green plants and the introduction of one or two designer pieces in warm colors. Best yellow.

Yellow work chair and beautiful ceiling spice up the otherwise dark interior design

colorful furniture bathroom room frame yellow chair

Colored antique touches

Would you like antique objects in your interior design? Make bold accents by performing in garish shades.

Put an antique touch

colorful furniture antique dresser red living ideas

Furniture in the colors of nature

Do you have green house plants in your room? Would you like to increase your presence? Then you need some pieces of furniture that have the same or a very similar green color. It is even better if the plants and the green shaded pieces of furniture are in close proximity to each other. So you have a dominant sense of nature even in low green.

Combine green with plants

furniture colorful green chairs throw pillow plants

A feminine corner

Many women love the feminine style for the comfort it provides. But they do not have the courage to let them dominate. Maybe, but on the balcony, in the kitchen or in the living room a pink shelf good? It would bring a smile to the visitors’ faces, and there you can place a few items that are suitable for the subject, such as elegant champagne glasses, beautiful picture frames, recipe books or design books.

Mix colors properly

colorful furniture home ideas colored interior design ideas

Colorful floral design

Colorful furniture can also be spiced up with floral patterns. Such can spice up a monochrome room. So you can also weld the colors together in a colorful room.

Elegant floral design combines wonderfully with the beautiful chandelier and the glass table

furniture colorful living room sofa floral pattern

Stylish mix of patterns

furniture colorful living room living room furniture flower pattern glass table

Colorful furniture in the nursery

The nursery needs colors, but these can quickly become boring for the little ones. Repainting the walls every time is too complicated. Not so much effort and money will cost you if you just run the furniture in color!

Cool orange armchair evokes fascination in children

furniture colorful home decor kids room orange armchair failed wooden floor beautiful wall wallpaper

Orangefarbige pieces of furniture look great on the white background

furniture colorful living room children's room orange shelves wardrobe

Media or shelf wall

Media wall in a cool color is a bold, but often completely successful solution. This is how she and her sculptural form are emphasized. In addition, the mood in the room is revived and this is always welcome given the presence of many media devices.

White and purple are a nice color combination that makes the nursery a colorful place

furniture colorful living ideas wall shelves purple

Very colorful, beautiful and yet functional

furniture colorful living ideas colored shelves

When you paint a bookcase colorfully, the decorative effect of the objects it contains is also strongly emphasized.

Different colored surfaces in the kitchen

What do you think of a colorful kitchen? The following examples show that this can work well when using three bright colors. Provide more comfort with good lighting.

Minimalist and colorful

furniture colorful home kitchen green accents different chairs

Combine colors boldly in the kitchen

colorful furniture home ideas kitchen colored interior design ideas

Color mix of warm shades

colorful furniture home decor yellow chair red wall orange sofa

Red chair as a colored accent in the nursery

furniture colorful red chair living room children's room

White dining table and yellow chairs are a great combination for the modern dining area

colorful furniture dining room set up yellow dining chairs

Colored antique furniture brings a unique atmosphere to the room

colorful furniture colored dresser light blue

Colorful and quite suitable for the nursery

furniture colorful living ideas nursery wall shelves colored

Set up the home office in color

colorful furniture study room set up yellow chair

Framing a fresh kitchen

colorful furniture living room dining yellow accents

A lot of green with colored elements

colorful furniture living ideas bedroom green bed colored decoration ideas

Design a colorful recreation corner

colorful furniture living ideas living room colored pieces of furniture

Green open wall shelves for the home office

colorful furniture study room green wall shelves bin ideas

Combine pastel nuances

furniture colorful living ideas kitchen open plan

Yellow and red look beautiful together

furniture colorful living ideas living room red sofa yellow wall paint

Beautiful saturated blue captivates the look

colorful furniture blue dresser picture strip deco ideas

Simply lovely color selection

colorful furniture dining room set up yellow table purple chairs

Colored pieces of furniture provide real eye-catchers in the room

colorful furniture youth room yellow wardrobe