13 ways to make the ceiling look taller

 rustic bedroom ceiling design wood

High ceiling makes the room look bigger


Do you have a blanket that has been designed too low? Are they maybe average, but they want to look higher? You can create this allusion in many different ways. We warn you: Some advice seems completely contradictory.

But that's because they relate to different types of spaces. But if you read and have your own blanket in mind, then you will find the right tips for yourself.

Ideas for high ceiling design

high ceiling design white red accents

1. Architectural approach, which makes the ceiling design appear higher.

Rustic kitchen

Traditional kitchen ceiling wooden beams

Are you a fan of industrial style or exposed pipes? Does such kind of elements make your heart beat? A rough ceiling will not only enhance such an impression, but will also give the impression of a higher ceiling design.

2. Use rusted lights

With rusted lights

built-in lighting ceiling design ideas

Everything that comes out of an already too low ceiling design, such as these ceiling lights here will make the ceiling appear lower and the room - smaller. These are valuable lost centimeters. Instead, install built-in lights that only sit in the ceiling itself. Or forget the blankets and focus on the wall lights.

3. Remove the chandeliers

No chandeliers

modern living room design green armchair

The proportions here are of key importance. Trim and last have the ability to stand out from the ceiling. If this is already low anyway, this is certainly not an advantage. You can run the strips in the same color as the ceiling. This creates the allusion to extra height.

4. Paint the ceiling in white

White ceiling design

white ceiling design simple living room

This is always the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to blankets. That happens for a good reason. The white in deco brightens and heightens. This means that visually the ceiling design is raised. If you do not want to decide on pure white, then you should at least choose a shade that is brighter than your walls.

5. Paint a piece of the walls in the color of the ceiling design

Blue ceiling design

rustic bedroom wood headboard ceiling

This method of hearing changes the perception of the boundaries of the ceiling and adds a few psychological centimeters.

Shiny ceiling design

    1. shiny ceiling design chandelier dining room
  1. High-gloss paint

The reflection of light and objects will increase and brighten the room. If you want to do it dramatically and opt for a mirror-like gloss for ceiling design, the whole room will seem endless. The whole room will be reflected in it.

Ceiling design with matt surface

origenelle ceiling design living room ideas colors

  1. Matt surface

Matte top layers make the ceiling virtually disappear. The defects and the disadvantages disappear and the focus falls on the room itself.

Vertical striped in black and white

striped wall in black white interior

  1. Vertical stripes on the wall

Anything that pulls your eye up, which would certainly be the case with the vertical stripes, will make the ceiling higher and the room overall bigger. The greater the contrast between the stripes, the better the effect.

Set up with low furniture

Bright colors in the living room lighting

  1. Opt for low furniture

When the horizontal lines of furniture are lower than normal, you outsmart the eye by making people think that the space is larger than it really is. A bonus is that the window views are also larger. So the furniture just does not block the glass.

Vertical positioning

Picture wall design blue accents of living ideas

  1. Position pieces vertically

Whether it's floor-to-ceiling bookcases or framed objects on the wall, the vertical setup will make the room look higher and pull the eye up.

High window decorations

Living room big window furniture lighting

  1. Put up the window decorations

When you look at the curtains, our eye automatically sets their size to that of the windows. This would make the window appear higher, if the curtains are large.

So you can visually enlarge the room and brighten.

Rustic bedroom

rustic bedroom wood ceiling

  1. Skip the carnival decorations

The reveal of the windows will make the room appear much larger. This is the same effect that you experience in the vaulted ceiling design. One thinks one has more space, although this is not the case.

Big mirror

large floor mirror bedroom table lamp

  1. Use the windows

Again, when it comes to the stylish design of your space, you want to integrate things that reflect themselves or the light. Mirrors not only provide more light, but also make sure that you perceive the area larger than it actually is. Hang the mirror against the wall and lean it to reach the desired effect.