Design children’s rooms using maritime elements

childrens room design maritime decoration tropical style

Nursery design with decorative tropical elements


Designing the nursery is, in most cases, a big challenge for the parents. What should your spouse's room look like? Which furniture fits in? Is there a specific style that fits better into the nursery?

What is important for our little ones and what are they for? These and other questions should be answered before you buy the first nursery furniture.

Creating a nursery: this is how you create an oasis of well-being in the maritime style

children's room shape bed boat shape tropical style

The summer is just around the corner and so is the mood with us - summery and sunny. And we already dream of the sea, palm trees and gentle breezes. The summer vacation is an endless source of inspiration, from which we can also draw ideas for the nursery design. The theme is absolutely correct and that's why we have created a picture gallery that illustrates our words.

Let's look at the following examples together and answer some of the questions above?

The inspiring tropical breeze and the typical wicker furniture

nursery design bed and comforter tropical style

Does the maritime style in the nursery fit?

We answer this question positively. Yes, the maritime style can transform the nursery into a tropical oasis of well-being. This style fits more than perfectly in the youth room, creating a relaxing atmosphere. The blue color combines well with white and / or other fresh colors, radiating positive energy and reminiscent of the sea water.

The best would be the room with sea view

children's room shape bright with sea view tropical style

The colors of the maritime style - blue and white

nursery design tropical style accent wall sea blue

In this style, the blue wall color is very popular. All blue shades are of course in question - from sea blue over turquoise to dark blue.

Walls, ceiling and carpet in blue

nursery design tropical style wall paint blue

Which furniture fits into the nursery?

If you want to create a tropical atmosphere, consider wood, bamboo and / or rattan furniture. House plants such as small palm trees or colorful flowers are the best decoration.

A hanging basket chair will also fit great here

nursery decorate tropical style home decor

Structured on 2 floors

nursery decor tropical style home decor wall paint blue

Completely made of wood

children's room design tropical style wood furniture bunk bed

Fresh strong colors

children's room design tropical style colorway ideas

How should the walls of the room be decorated?

We can not skip the question about wall decoration. The blue wall paint is already a possibility, but by no means the individual. Our tip is to use the wall color as a background and to put a thematic photo wallpaper on it.

How do you like the idea?

nursery frame tropical style main color sea blue

Sleep under the palm trees

nursery design tropical style palm photo wallpaper

Fish on the wall

nursery design tropical style wall design tattoos

A typical girl's room in bright colors

nursery design tropical style fresh color design

Abstract palm trees and jumping monkeys

nursery design tropical style wall decal palm monkey

3D wall decoration ideas - open the parasol!

children's room design tropical style parasol

Playing on the beach - create an optical illusion

decorate children's room design tropical style play corner

What is your child on?

Does your child have a special preference? Maybe your son is learning to surf or collect your daughter's shells on the beach. Respond to the individual needs of your children and create a unique and personal atmosphere that matches the character of your child. That is exactly what is needed in the nursery design.

Get started and give your child a beautiful nursery where it feels comfortable and cozy!

Surfboard as decoration

nursery fashion tropical style surf decoration white blue


nursery fashion tropical style wall colors ideas

Colorful flip flops used as wall decoration

nursery design tropical style wall decoration ideas girl's room

Hanging beds

nursery fashion beds tropical style home decor