Small apartment set up – 13 stylish and clever ideas and examples

Setting up small apartments is often portrayed as making the most of a compromise. But that does not necessarily have to be considered that way. A small house can also be a good choice. Setting up such an area and staying there is often the better solution than apartments that are too big.

As in all other problem situations in life, one should also keep the right amount here. And the smaller area is just right for many people and life situations.

Here are some arguments that support this thesis. Analyze these and you may find out that the smaller house or smaller apartment is more suitable for you too.

In a small house you save on the home furnishings

The small apartment can be much cheaper than another. You will also need less electricity, water and other resources, such as renovation. In addition, you will not need so much time to clean up and clean up.

Set up a small apartment with attention to detail

small apartment set up round coffee table sofa wall mirror

Clean up

Let's stay with household care a little more! Because this is very important and the living space of course makes a big difference. Expect the time you need for a large and a small apartment to clean up thoroughly. In addition, the cleaning products you need are much less.

Would not you rather use this time to meet friends or to spend them with your family?

Relationships deepen faster in a small house

This is of course a critical point. The small room can be a real challenge for relationships. You can not hide from the problems anywhere. But that means you have the opportunity to build deeply harmonious and authentic relationships.

Sliding doors are always a good idea

small apartment furnished one-room dining area room divider sliding doors

They learn to prioritize really well

Placing simplicity and priorities are the keys to a happy life. In a small apartment, you learn to live by these principles in a natural way.

You can easily set up the small apartment so that everything there perfectly suits your needs

Unconventional solutions are expensive and they also set high standards. If you put these in a room, you expect them to be seen in many other places in the apartment as well. So you run the risk that the home furnishings much too expensive. In a small apartment, on the other hand, you can build up unconventional solutions that by and large do not cost too much.

Everything is very effective and practical in a small area

small apartment set up living room workplace coffee table sofa

How many square meters of living space do you need to accommodate all the necessary amenities and functions of everyday life? Expect it and stay with this end result if you choose a smaller or larger apartment.

Light wood and neutral shades are optimal

small apartment furnished one-room furnishing ideas

Everything is exactly zoned and yet designed together

small flat furnished one-room bright wood wise cake decor

What you need is always at hand

small apartment furnished one-room cake-line cake-island bookshelves

Put fresh color accents through home accessories and decorative items

small flat furnished one-room apartment retro upholstered furniture sofa pouf sideboard

In the small apartment, any additional storage space is always welcome

small apartment furnished one-room bedroom high-backed wooden staircase bin

Glass walls give the room optical width

small flat furnish one-room wall lampion gray sofa cake line

The retro style and the Scandinavian design are also highly recommended for small area

small flat furnish one-room dwellings living room retro style

Play with textures and light!

small apartment set up open plan room divider

White opens the room and highlights all the other colors even better

small apartment set up cake decorating wall color bedroom dining table

Even the hallway can be effectively designed in the small apartment

Small apartment set up brick wall wall decoration kitchen hallway design