Stainless steel kitchen – beautify your kitchen island

 Modern home decorating stainless steel kitchen kitchen island long dining table

Stainless steel kitchen - guarantee of style and quality


Do you want to hear three reasons why you have one Stainless steel kitchen can love? It is a durable material, it reflects the light and it is heat and stain resistant. Did I mention that it is easy to clean? Today we explore a special aspect of this metallic material.

It is about the kitchen island made of stainless steel.

Take a look at the pictures below and decide if any of those shiny work surfaces would be an option for your kitchen area.

Stylish stainless steel kitchen island

Let's start with the topic "style". In what kind of kitchen do you think the stainless steel kitchen island would occur? What variations would be possible if it is the island itself? If you answer these questions, you find out that the stainless steel kitchen island should offer a lot of variety. Below is a modern attic in Brooklyn. There we also see a kitchen island made of stainless steel. This space is anything but minimalistic.

But the island's clean lines and silver shine create an elegant, contemporary feel. [according to Corynne Pless via Houzz]

Your kitchen can look even better

stainless kitchen kitchen interior design ideas

The stainless steel sink is perfect for the kitchen and it includes clean lines and neutral shades. The overall effect is clean, fresh and modern, as you can see below. [According to Birdseye Building]

stainless steel sink

stainless steel kitchen kitchen island furnishing ideas wooden table pendant lights

Some kitchen islands also serve as dining tables. Note that the island below represents the perfect spot for a snack. Not to mention that this kind of design feels right at home in this warm and tropical atmosphere. These in turn have been created through the abundant presence of nature. The fruit bowls and the lush green, which you can see from the window, contribute greatly to this. [According to Maienza Wilson]

Kitchen island as a dining table

stainless steel kitchen kitchen island decorative elements table wood

"Industrial" is the word that could be used to refer to the next example. Note the base of the kitchen island. As a result, he achieves a very dominant character in the room. [According to Citywide Builders]

Industrial kitchen

Industrial kitchen set up stainless kitchen kitchen island

The next shown stainless steel kitchen has a very lively look. Among other things, this is due to the functional islands below. The room can be characterized as very modern, industrial and practical. You feel a pure feeling, which invites you to prepare a delicious meal and then to enjoy it! [According to Archipelago Hawaii]

Kitchen island with storage room

stainless kitchen kitchen island with storage room dinette

Due to the historical character of this kitchen, I simply fell in love with it. It includes black and white tiles on the floor, crisp white walls and cabinets. [According to Gardner / Fox]

Black and white tiles

modern home decorating stainless steel kitchen kitchen island

Equipping the stainless steel kitchen island with accessories

You wonder how best to proceed in this process? There is no strict and fast rule. But you have many wonderful ideas available. Below, some have been presented. The island below takes on the colors of the modern kitchen. But the seven red chairs (available on Design Within Reach) bring out the space. [According to Ziger / Snead]

Red barstool as eye-catcher

modern home decorating stainless steel kitchen kitchen island

When talking about accent pieces, you do not necessarily have to consider a very bold color palette. Sometimes you can only add more life to the room with a bit of green. This could only be achieved through a bowl of fresh fruit. [According to Gregory Phillips Architects]

Green, refreshing accents

modern home decorating stainless steel kitchen kitchen island

... you can hardly imagine anything better than a vase of fresh flowers. Also note the perfect effect of the reflective stainless steel inside this bright ambient in the kitchen below. In addition, the chandelier at the top serves as the perfect accessory to give this room, including the kitchen island, a finished look. [Image of Ken Gutmaker for Lucy Interior Design]

Bright ambience

modern home decorating stainless steel kitchen kitchen island

Products and flowers are by far the most popular accessories for stainless steel kitchen islands. If there are also built-in shelves and storage areas, you have another way to define a stylish design statement. There you could collect a group of service vessels and collections.


industrial kitchen set up stainless steel kitchen island

By the last example of today I want to illustrate something else: Sometimes the best accessories are not per se to define as such. Shining surfaces enter the stage together with a marble back wall. The mess on the kitchen island and on the work surfaces has been completely avoided. The materials are pretty good. [According to Jorie Clark design]

Built-in sink

modern interior design stainless steel kitchen built-in sink

Are you considering a stainless steel surface for your home? What is your attitude and what was your opinion before?