Garage converted into living space – creating a cozy living atmosphere

garage to living room rebuilt residential wall

Conversion of the garage

Do you have a lazy storage room that you want to turn into a great place to entertain? Here is a great example for you!

One has converted a little-used garage into a perfect place for hanging children and teenagers. Follow with us the steps by which you remove the disorder and provides for style and celebration.

The green orange color palette is child and youth friendly. It has to do with 1960s inspired accents and lights. Wooden floor, wall shelves and the large sofa give the garage a room-like character.

Breakfast time - garage converted into living space

garage to living room rebuilt cozy ambience

Take a look at this kitchenette, which has a fridge, a microwave and a coin-operated vending machine. This is a snack zone where hungry hordes can hang around. Details such as custom cabinets, kitchen worktops and mosaic tile backplate help make the Garage converted to living space more like a room feels.

Ready to play

garage to living room rebuilt orange ornate

Here you also have a long row of wall strips. There you can see a shelving system, floor cushions and paintings. The flat screen TV has been mounted in a high position, providing clear views in all directions.

Modern lighting equipment has been installed in front of the mirrors to provide more brightness. If the garage door is closed, the room does not get very much light. The mirrors reflect the light of the facilities back into the room.

Intelligent storage options

garage-to-living room-converted-shelves-wall

Shelves in the closets provide a space in which to organize toys, games and electrical equipment.

At the table

You can use the table shown here in different ways. It can be a snack bar or an extra seating area for teenagers. In all cases, it saves space through him and the provided tables. They are ready for use.

Conversion of the garage

garage to living room rebuilt furniture set

If you are in a garage that looks crowded, drag the conversion into a living addition to your home.

Problem: the cold

Depending on how the garage was built, it may be that it does not have sufficient insulation and that the temperature dictates the time of use. By air conditioning you can keep the atmosphere comfortable.

On the other level - old garage converted into living space

Most garage floors are diagonally opposite the door, thus providing drainage.

Be prepared for this challenge when planning the cabinets and the floor

garage to living room rebuilt coffee table roll


Many cities need a permit to remove the garage door. Instead of removing them, use them. Paint the inside like a wall and open the door on warm days.

Future use

Here is another good reason to leave the garage door untouched. You can resell. The garage can be crucial in this regard.

Before you change anything, you should discuss it with an agent

garage outdoor area lighting living room