Design the corridor – 12 gorgeous entrance areas

corridor shape entrance area wooden table round staircase shape wall design ideas

Create a stylish hallway and leave a great first impression


According to many people, an entrance area is especially nice if it is lavishly designed. The owners and residents of the premises that we show you today seem to agree exactly.

One thing is certain: the entrance area is an introduction to the house. You leave an impression through its design, which you can then change quite difficult.

12 gorgeous entrance areas

corridor shape entrance area antique furniture floor tiles

How this happens in our 12 super great examples of today, we can now see from the great pictures.

In the Hudson River Valley is the first house. Particularly impressive are the seats from the 19th century. They stand for majesty and prosperity and good taste of course.

The second example is from the home of an interior designer. His name is Bruce Shostak. The house dates from around 1817. The style is the so-called Federal style. The walls have been dyed in green. Mismatched stripes emphasize the orientation upwards, where then the other living rooms have been accommodated.

Fresh color ideas

hallway carpet entrance area staircase strip pattern

Then we have to do with another London entrance area. This was designed by the designer Michael S. Smith. At the center of the concept are two octagonal elements. It's about the lamp and the table by Liz O'Brien. The latter was placed on a Kravet carpet. The house dates from 1880.

Fireplace in the entrance area

corridor shape entrance area fireplace carpet

The next example offers a strong contrast to the previous rooms. Here we see the design of the entrance of photographer Steven Klein in Bridgehampton, New York. The red face is Klein's interpretation of the image of Brad Pitt. He is particularly strong in front of the brown-black-white color palette to advantage.

Modern and minimalist

corridor design entrance area wall design modern art black white

Then we see a French Maison from the 17th century in Huston. It was created by interior designer Miles Redd. It has created an impressive entrance area. Incredibly we find how great the historical and contemporary style harmonize here.

Majestic in gold and yellow

hallway entrance area antique furniture armchair floor tiles wall paint yellow

A bespoke table is the focal point in this New York City apartment. The decorator Vincent Wolf has also taken it as a mini gallery. Here you will find the works of Richard Prince, Brice Marden, Eric Fischl, and Thomas Houseago. The stools represent a contemporary interpretation of a similar Italian model from the 18th century.

Artful and original

corridor design entrance area furniture wood floor table solid wood wall decoration ideas

Inspiration in the classic style

 corridor-style entrance area antique furniture floor tiles black white staircase design

Rustic in wood and stone

hallway entrance area antique furniture floor tiles stone wooden door wood furniture

Wooden table and upholstered furniture

corridor design entrance area wooden table upholstered chairs staircase

Too much?

   corridor design entrance area upholstered furniture wall decoration ideas

Simple and classic

  corridor shape black white entrance area antique furniture floor tiles 20s style