Purple rooms appear as eyecatchers in the house

luxury purple bedroom design ideas bed chandelier

Purple rooms have a profound effect


Do you want to make your design modern and contemporary? Do you want to give your apartment more drama? The secret of good home design lies in the color scheme. Here we present you great furnishing ideas for purple room, whose appearance leaves an unforgettable track.

We did not choose this color by chance. It is a mediating color between blue and red, between sky and fire, between mind and body. Lila stands for spirit, intelligence and spirituality. This royal color has a deep effect and plays an important role as an eyecatcher in interior design.

Set up in purple with style and intelligence

furnishing ideas purple bedroom bed wall art chandelier dressing table

Bunk bed in soft colors

furnishing ideas purple bedroom bunk bed carpet chandelier

Purple and white in an elegant combination

furnishing ideas purple bedroom bed shelf

Bed with storage room and practical shelves

furnishing ideas purple room bed with storage space purple white worktable

Classic appearance

purple room design ideas bed bedside table lamps

Flashy lighting

purple room design ideas bed lighting

Four-poster bed and butterflies make you dream

purple room furnishing ideas bedside decorative butterflies

Bedroom in shades of purple

purple room decorating ideas original wall design bed

Decorating ideas with accents in gold

purple room furnishing ideas decoration pendant lights gold

Luxury purple room

luxury purple room design ideas armchair throw pillow mirror

Let's talk about purple rooms, we must first consider the bedroom design. The splendor and splendor of this strong color can be fully appreciated in the bedroom. Beds, carpets, bedding, walls or decoration can be made into shades of purple depending on the individual taste. Golden or silver accents can be beautifully integrated and give a finished look to the room.

Sink into the depth of the colors

home decor purple room sofa armchair curtains table

Wandart in a remarkable play of colors

furnishing ideas living room purple and gray sofa table decorating

Gold and purple can be combined well

purple room furnishing ideas golden accents chandelier dining table

Design ideas with purple and yellow

purple room furnishing ideas living room sofa wallart

Luxurious colors and plush

purple room interior design ideas yellow accents armchair stool carpet plush

Living room in white and purple

white and purple room ideas sofa round table armchair fireplace

Contemporary living room ideas

white and purple room ideas sofas table carpet

Dramatic look with purple and dark blue

home decor purple and dark blue living room sofa armchair table

Original deco ideas

home decor purple room lounger gepoltsert wall decor floor lamp

Living room in oriental style

living room in oriental style purple and white

It has probably become clear with the above photos that you could realize original design ideas in the living room with the use of purple. It depends on you whether the complete furnishing of the room is designed in this color. You can put them together very clever in combination with white. White stands for brightness and cleanliness and purple gives the room splendor and luxury. If you are fans of the darker color scheme, choose black or dark blue decoration.

Bathroom design in purple and gray

Home decor purple and gray bathroom bathtub

Smart bathroom with great decoration  

purple bathroom design ideas modern freestanding sink decoration towels

Decorate your bathroom in style

purple bathroom design ideas sink decoration

Another idea for the beautiful combination of white and purple

           white and purple bathroom ideas sink mirror

Lastly, we've prepared some pictures of purple bathrooms because you can apply this great color anywhere. Both darker and lighter shades of purple look magical in the bathroom.

That was 25 inspirations in pictures for shiny purple rooms, which have a breathtaking effect.