The ’50s style is back in fashion

What characterizes the 50s style?

The 50s style or rather the retro style of living is back in fashion. It is about timelessness and coolness that are always present, especially for true connoisseurs and design fanatics. From this time come the most famous cult objects in terms of furniture and home accessories such. These include the Eames Lounge Chair, Arne Jacobsen's Egg Chair, Verner Panton's Panton Chair and Poul Henningsen's PH Pine Chair. Such design classics not only impress with their refined profile and optimal functionality, but also with their ingenious concept and unmistakable aura.

Typical of the '50s style are the simple, clean lines and the organic shapes such. B. at the "kidney table" and the "cocktail chair". Although the retro style goes hand in hand with the Scandinavian design and the Bauhaus, there is a small but significant difference - function does not work here. There is a successful symbiosis between function and form, which contributes to optimum comfort and at the same time to a perfect design look.

Fifties style for a distinctive atmosphere in the living room

50's style retro furniture wood armchair lampeon wall wallpaper brick wall optics

The most popular colors in retro style are the pastel shades - this season especially soft pink and supple sky blue. Even bright colors are often used as dynamic accents and to compensate for serve cream white, brown, olive, petrol green and black. Therefore, the retro style of living earthy and calming and creates a cozy atmosphere, which helps to create a kind of stylish comfort.

In addition to the natural materials such as oak, beech, teak, linen and cotton, also various artificial and foam materials are often used. Think about B. to the inflatable chair "Blow" or filled with polystyrene balls beanbag "Sacco". Here is also the strong influence of the Pop Art movement to feel. In fact, both styles are often synonymous and are perceived by many as well.

Chic color joy with Pop Art

retro style-device-living room-purple sofa-yellow-stool-chair-round-coffee table-deep-pile carpeting-pop-art wall

With the comeback of the '50s style also the pattern wallpaper moves into our four walls. Graphic patterns, stylized plants and flowery motifs - depending on your own taste - are available. Diamond patterns are also very popular and often occur in a retro style interior. And not only on the wall wallpaper, but also on all kinds of home textiles such as blankets, pillows, curtains.

The right harness is of course indispensable. Porcelain sets for coffee and tea as well as robust, colorful glasses are especially recommended. Of course, you can find them at the flea market near you or in an antique shop or maybe even pick them up from the attic. But if you do not feel like using used items and need a fresh "retro" wind in your home, check out the new Bloomingville or Westwing collections. You will most likely find it.

Have fun browsing and setting up!

Retro furniture reloaded

50s style retro furnishing modern white high pile carpet leather armchair bow light beige couch

Pastel colors are especially popular with the retro style

50's style retro furnishing kitchen pastel blue kitchen furniture dining table wood chairs

Just as bright are shades of orange, red and yellow

50s style retro furnishing dining room bedroom double bed orange wall paint

The modern style cosiness in retro style

50s style retro furnishing innovative furniture designer armchair neon yellow white coffee table sofa modern wall art

Living shades and soft home textiles

50s style retro furnishing armchair upholstery orange blue

Simple lines and organic shapes

1950's style retro furnishing sofa armchair coffee table side table

The Chesterfield leather sofa is a must for many retro romantics

50s style retro furnishings furnish armchair chesterfield couch leather floor lamp

Stylish 50s-style wooden furniture can be found at

50's style retro furnishing living room bright wood dresser coffee table wall shelves portobellostreet

50s style retro furniture wood floor lamp wall covering floor to ceiling windows

blue armchair wooden legs living room furnishing retro portobellostreet

sofa chester retro furniture pink planks wall mural geometric pattern

Chic, vintage-inspired furniture is also on

50s style retro furnishing living room complete coffee table dresser display cabinet ambar muebles

As well as on

retro patterned sofa dresser books planks yellow wall art wall clock portobellodeluxe

And of course at Westwing

50s style retro furnishing designer furniture living room sofa desk stool westwing

50's style retro living room decor pastel blue sofas white armchair round carpet floor lamp

dresser retro style floor lamp fleece carpet indoor plants

retro furniture 50s style living room dresser floor lamp shelves carpet parquet

metal furniture retro style round dining table black chairs imitation leather chrome

kitchen equipment retro style refrigerator seladon green cabinets checkmate floor tiles

living room furnishings sofas upholstered furniture retro style hanging seat round plastic

retro interior design 50s style furniture sofa round side table pendant lights wall wallpaper

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