Ethno style in the apartment – tasteful interior designs

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Nice interior design ideas in ethnic style

Is the Ethno Style present in your home? Do you have an Oriental or Persian carpet in your living room? Or is there another item in boho style or with Indian or African motifs in your home? Or who remembers Morocco?

Because this style of furnishing has different faces. Do you want to get to know this style? Because the ethno style is increasingly common in modern homes. What is the reason? The more progress technology makes, the more one strives for something different, genuine. And after nature, of course ...

In this bedroom you have carpets of different styles combined. Is the end effect not irritating?

furnishing ideas bedroom carpets ethno style cattle rug

If you are a fan of the ethnic decor, then you may already have several rugs with patterns in this style? Actually, these carpets are more functional than you imagine. Such a carpet can not only be laid out on the floor in the room, but can also hang it on the wall as a great unique wall decoration. Of course, you can be more creative and sew splendid throw pillows from the carpet or even cover chairs and sofas with them. These will then make the ambience with its unique beauty more original.

Design a carpet with ethnic motifs in the outdoor area

interior design exterior design ethno carpet

 You could complement the ethno-style rooms or turn the modern interior into an interesting eclectic interior design. The ethnic elements can easily be combined with other decorative elements in the interior. The Ethno designs will not only serve as a fancy decoration, but will also bring a dose of cosiness and warmth to your home.

Enjoy the eclecticism of your living room

living room ethno style decorating colored corner sofa

Before choosing the ethnic style as a home decorating style in your home, you should be sure that you feel comfortable in such an environment. Because it gives the atmosphere a more precise feeling and a certain charisma. And if you opt for the ethnic style, then choose only the appropriate direction in which you realize your interior ideas. As we mentioned at the beginning, the ethno style has different faces. Which is the right one for you and your home?

Wall decoration in ethnic style

decoration ideas bedroom wall decor ethno style

Decorate the rustic sofa with throw pillows

decoide sofa deco pillow ethnic style

Living room interior in shades of brown

living room set up light brown leather sofa ethno style throw pillow carpet

Modern interior with ethnic elements

living room set up indian motifs decoration ideas

Colored interior with ethnic motifs

furnishing ideas ethno style colored stripes fireplace

For the throw pillows, the Ethno motifs are particularly popular

ethno style throw pillow deco living room white living room rug

A rich selection of patterns

Ethnic style throw pillow pattern motifs

You could combine the sofa cover with the throw pillows

ethno style furnishing dekoideen sofadecke throw pillow

Create a comfortable atmosphere

Living room set up ethno style plant

The fireplace adds more heat to the room

living room set up ethno style deco fireplace

Ethno motifs and a rustic table correspond nicely with each other in this living room

ethno style interior design living room rustic table

In this equipment, the African theme is present

ethno style open plan african theme

Combination of retro armchairs and ethnic motifs

ethno style living room decorating throw pillow blanket

Living room with eclectic furniture

ethno style living room sofa colored throw pillow

Throw pillows can influence the ambience and create the desired style

living room set up ethno motive decoration

The ethno motifs spread a comfortable feeling in the room

living room set ethno style dokoideen colored cozy

Simple bedroom design with ethnic motifs

ethno style furnishing bedroom carpet stripes

Small living room in ethnic style

ethno style furnishing sofa colored carpet side tables

 Throw pillows and carpet with ethnic motifs can spice up the room

living room set up blue sofa ethno decorating pendant light