IKEA nursery – chic wooden furniture for your little ones

Current inspiration for the children's room from IKEA

Do you know when the designers of nursery furniture did their job really well? This is the case when adults wish to find such models in suitable sizes for themselves. This is clearly the case with the latest Ikea furniture for the nursery. We've picked some great ideas for you with these pieces of furniture to really impress you with their high quality and stunning design. Do you stay with it?

At the age of 3 to 12 years

The following IKEA nursery furniture is intended for ages from 3 to 12 years. Most of them are made of pine wood and spiced up with great accents.
The benefits that can make anyone jealous do not stop there. The IKEA nurseries are super adaptable. This is thanks to new production techniques. Not only do they contribute to multi-functionality, they also bring many other benefits.
The new IKEA furniture can grow with the kids. Thanks to the stable and adaptable mechanisms, their height and size can be changed and adapted.

IKEA children's room - color joy and optimal coziness

ikea children's room wood furniture light wood bookcases colorful drawers carpet stripes

The table

We show you some great tables for the children's room first. Most have a simple structure. Above all, they surprise with their super comfortable character and with the color added extras, e.g. the storage areas. As far as stability is concerned, you are on the safe side with both the tables and the chairs.

IKEA children's room with ergonomic wooden furniture

ikea children's room wood furniture table wood stool

ikea children's room wooden furniture tables stools wall paneling

Interestingly designed storage area

Not even the storage space for adults carries an ordinary character with IKEA furniture. What's left for the children's collection! Look at the great shelves that mimic the shape of a house!

 The wall shelf - Dollhouse Flisat

ikea nursery wooden furniture wall shelf bookcase dollhouse flisat

Or do you prefer the colorful wardrobe for the hallway?

ikea nursery wooden furniture light wood wardrobe corridor

Also, the hangers escape any boredom thanks to simple yet super attractive ideas.

The children's furniture from IKEA and the furniture

The IKEA children's room furniture can be the source of interesting topics and ideas. On the other hand, they can be enrolled in other concepts through their simple design. It only depends on how you interpret these and their role in interior design.

By the way, the IKEA nursery furniture can also be a great inspiration for the furniture of the adults!

And some nice ideas for your kids room from IKEA:

ikea children's room wooden furniture white table chairs bed frame wardrobe wooden floorboards

Simple nursery decor in white and pink

ikea children's room wooden furniture baby bed pink dresser wood

Dreamlike furnishing idea for your girls

ikea children's room wood furniture bunk bed light wood desk office chairs

Colorful nursery idea for all genders

ikea children's room wood furniture high bed nursery carpet dresser

Pastel green and light wood - a soothing, soothing combination

ikea children's room wood furniture wardrobe green walls bed nursery rug

More homeliness in the nursery

ikea children's room wooden furniture metal bed high bed children's room racks shelves office chair

Brilliant lemon yellow for more positive, sunny energy

ikea children's room wooden furniture table chairs chalkboard toy storage

Optimal toy storage with style

ikea children's room wooden furniture wall shelves toys storage nursery rug

Baby blue and playful triangular pattern

ikea kids room wooden furniture white bunk bed linen geometric pattern