Living room design with swing – 20 modern interior design ideas

living room design stylish in bright colors

Modern living room design with swing - 20 stylish interior design ideas for your home

 The modern living room design is often referred to as eclectic. The eclecticism of the interior design dates back to the 19th century, when the mixture of different shapes and styles slowly became established.

Today, eclectic facilities are very common. They are very suitable for our modern times and actually quite popular. It is important that you keep the aesthetics and create a stylish combination. So eclectic interior design is not just a colorful mess, but a tasteful ensemble, since style is essential for a modern living room design.

Take a look at these 20 beautiful examples of stylish interiors. The living room ideas below will surely delight you and show you how to decorate your home eclectically.

This living room interior exudes both joie de vivre and history

Living room design Persian rug red and rattan armchair

The mirror in gold and the leather armchair give the room more refinement

Living room design urban style

The fur stool and the Eames Chair are unmistakable

living room design fur stool in black and white

Stylish living room design by Lily Z Design 

living room design drum chandelier

Eclectic living room with a rustic aftertaste

living room design white floorboards ocker carpet

An original mirror or a great wall clock can be the perfect eye-catcher for your living room

Living room design white leather seating furniture

Purple adds a warm, noble touch

Living room pattern purple pattern carpet

Like on an imaginary world trip

living room design eclectic interior

The bricks enhance the unique, artistic flair in the living room

living room design brick wall oriental round side table

For real vintage lovers

living room design honeycomb carpet upholstered ottoman

A cool ethnic look with a hunting lodge flavor

living room fireplace in natural stone look

Symmetrical and modernist in bright colors - by Anthony Baratta

living room design stylish in bright colors

Nature flair with olive green sofas and sisal carpet

Living room design round ottoman and orange stool

Subtle living room design

living room design blue-green sofa modern art

The original carpet ensures continuity in the room

Living room design rectangular pattern colorful carpet floor

Neo-Baroque elements and lavender accents

living room eclectic with baroque sofa and modern wall art

Anthony Baratta interior design with sea-blue accents

Living room design two square coffee tables with storage space

Impressive modern living room design 

living room design futuristic seating with transparent legs

For the more subtle taste

living room design light gray and cream sofa

Tastefully combined style elements

living room design fur rug and lambskin

We did not promise too much, did we? All 20 interiors are very elegant and balanced. Fine textures and high-quality textiles have been perfectly combined and rounded off with original artwork and designer furniture. This modern living room design is simply stunning, right?