70 modern, innovative luxury interior ideas for the living room

architecture chandelier idea design fireplace stove

Luxury interior ideas for the living room - 70 modern, innovative proposals

The largest and most stylish room in the apartment is in most cases the living room. It is the focal point where the whole family comes together and spends their free time where they also receive guests. The living area is the space that has many other functions: you can relax, listen to music, watch TV, chat with the other members of the family and just relax.

Often the living room is the room where we have breakfast, lunch or dinner. That is why it is very important that the furnishing of this room meets our needs. If you are planning to renovate or refurbish your home for the first time, or if you are looking for new and original ideas, our modern, innovative luxury interior design ideas are the perfect designer solutions for your living room.

Wooden side table and an extravagant, yellow table lamp - innovative luxury interior ideas

 blue yellow color scheme table lamp living room

Wooden steps in an attic room that serves as a living room  roof room wood texture step idea design

Comfortable chocolate brown corner sofa - beige colored cushions

  brown corner sofa design living area modern

Practical table on castors - a velvet sofa with three colors

colorful furniture pieces design modern staircase steps shutter

Extravagant interior in the living room - wooden cubes form an interesting table

White room - eclectic style

Residence white modern luxury interior ideas

Dark, wooden flooring - cozy designer interior

Extravagant design living room gray furniture

Minimalist interior design - oversized lantern

extravagant lampion design minimalist idea living room

Wooden winter house in the mountains - extravagant features

mountains winter cozy design residential area

Large sliding door - orange sofa and white leather armchair

cozy outfit white orange sofas stairs

Oversized glass partitions - small square glass table in the living room

glass partition lampion design idea modern white furniture

Dining and living area in a room - modern, innovative interior idea

glass walls idea design leather armchair living dining room

Stylish combination of classic and modern furniture in the living room

large room extravagant hanging lamps dining area

Interesting wooden table in the living room - modern built-in fireplace

  wooden tables living room chair sofa design modern

Exotic plants in the garden - beautiful view

wooden chest modern design living room sofa sofa

Luxurious furnishings in the living room - brown pieces of furniture leather

leather furniture group luxury brown living area

Gray velvet sofa and velvet cushions in stylish combination with a leather sofa

leather sofa velvet sofa white design design living area

Yet more beautiful, modern, luxury interior ideas for the living room - rich selection of colors, textures, pieces of furniture, designs

minimalist design idea modern innovative living area

minimalist design black white furniture idea lampion extravagant

minimalist interior stairs modern luxury design

minimalist wood flooring white fireplace stove living area

minimalist white living room comfortably relaxing

modern design tree recliner comfortable

modern innovative design idea living room luxury interior ideas

wooden surface modern comfortable chairs design living area

modern innovative luxury design ideas white wall living room

modern living area idea design extravagant furnishing

sample room minimalist design idea living area

black furniture design idea modern

tropical plants modern equipment living room glass table

white outfit wood decoration living area

white equipment idea living room furniture table

white pieces of furniture idea design living area

white black equipment living area leather sofas

living area dining area fur stool idea design

residential dining areas idea design wood textures bank

  built-in fireplace fur carpet blue decoration design

bookshelves plush toys design idea modern interior

  extravagant modern equipment living room idea wood

color combination idea black white living ideas modern

cozy outfit white orange sofas stairs

cozy design living room idea weissbaer

glass table white leather sofa idea design modern living idea  grass green orange furniture modern furnishing living room

large glass wall design idea comfortable luxury

  wooden seat furniture design innovative

Modern, innovative luxury interior ideas for the living room  kitchen dining area fireplace chimney design idea

kitchen dining area living area wood flooring deckchair  purple cushion comfortable armchair living dining area design

luxury asian furnishing modern living area  minimalist design living area wooden table big window   minimalist kitchen living room modern white

minimalist seascape orange leather sofa glass table  modern innovative luxury ideas living room

modern innovative luxury minimalist living idea white equipment

modern-luxury-living-innvoativ-residence  nature glass wall idea design modern living area

romantic white decoration colorful pillow candles tropical exotic environment

tropical plants round glass table pillows decoration colorful

urban design wood comfortable living area decoration

white equipment idea living room furniture table

white color outfit living room idea desgin

white furniture dark elements wood chandelier modern winter design modern stone wall idea

winter wood surface design comfortable pillow  brick wall kitchen living area duplex design