Cozy living room set up: make large living spaces

Cozy living room set up traditionally large built-in fireplace stone

Love your living room: How to benefit from large living spaces!

By Warm colors, well-defined areas and the right lighting will allow you to turn the atmosphere of a cave into a cozy place

Do you have a larger than average living room?

Do not be afraid of its overwhelming effect! Work on this room!

The intelligent lighting, the built-in architectural elements and the well considered furniture plan will be particularly helpful.

With a few simple steps you can create a super comfortable, comfortable and cozy living room for yourself, for your family and friends.

Opt for a warm color palette

Cozy living room furnished classic vintage furnishing fireplace

Shading is a very individual decision and the process of finding the right one can often be frustratingly difficult. Most of all, you should experiment with the warm nuances in your room. So the room will feel personal and homely.

You can create more colorful accents through rugs and furniture. This is of course the more expensive option. By painting, you can go around cheaper.

Tip: paint a few boards and distribute them in the room. Lay them next to baseboards, windows and curtains. So you can get a closer idea for their effect!

Design a quiet place within the living room

Cozy living room set up coffee table diamond shapes frame

Are the furniture distributed along the line of the long side? You have the opportunity to arrange several activities! So some can lie and read and others sit and talk.

Tip: For the large rooms and the oversized pieces of furniture are thought. Here are the sofas with a few stools, as well as day beds, benches and loungers just wonderful.

Make for an interesting design of the ceiling!

Cozy living room set up traditionally large built-in fireplace stone

In large living rooms the lack of decoration or frugal ones is inappropriate and can contribute to a very "infinite" and cold appearance

Cozy living room set up traditionally sofas armchair carpet table leather

Tip: If your budget is not enough for a plastic decoration, you could use stripes as in the next picture. The variety of paving and wood today can contribute to wonderful results.

Insert a workspace

Cozy living room set up stone fireplace built in chandelier

There are many pros and cons regarding the integration of a workspace in the living room. Although you can watch exactly who is surfing the Internet how often. However, if you want to relax in the living room, you prefer to do without it.

Tip: Consider the case of the sunshine when determining the location of the PC. Test the area with a PC and a table with the desired height. Surely you want to close the curtains during the day, right?

How about a standing desk tray like this one?

Cozy living room set up yellow curtains ceramic vase ceramic shelf

 That's a much smarter solution, right? You can watch the kids on the internet as well and have room to hide the papers on unexpected guest visits.

Tip: If the unit has no holes for the cables and is not antique, then you should arrange for the attachment.

Use work lighting

Cozy living room set up red wall decoration pillows

This is a very important element in well-balanced living rooms. A table lamp can change the mood completely by combining it with other lights.

Tip: Do you want to know how many watts the lights should be? You have to multiply the length times the width of the room. Multiply the gauze by 3 and now you have the number of used cotton!

Use different carpets

Cozy living room set up fireplace fireplace sofas window table

So you can also wonderfully define the different areas. These can correspond in color. The meaningful colors can help to neutralize really expensive pieces of furniture.

Now you could think again about the design of your living room. Hopefully you can create some wonderful solutions for yourself through the different ideas!

We wish you a lot of fun!

Cozy living room set up coffee table diamond shapes frame