Storage Ideas in the living room – 30 smart facilities

Bin ideas with plaited boxes

Smart storage ideas in the living room

Additional storage space is always welcome, whether you have a small or more spacious apartment. Today we focus on your living room. In this room, you and your family usually spend the longest time. There are also many activities, such as reading, watching TV, crafts or maybe even food.

That's why many of your items are in the living room.

Take a look at our 30 space-saving storage ideas and decide on the suitable variants for your home. You will find creative wall shelves and elegant cabinet systems as well as floating or stacked modules that can be used as shelves. Very often, lower sideboards with storage boxes are the solution or braided baskets and photo box. Of course, there are also some functional pieces of furniture such as stools, coffee tables and benches with hidden storage space. So, as you can see, there is definitely something for every taste and interior design style. Let us convince you!

 Elegant, white plastered stairs and open bookshelves

storage ideas open shelves and stairs

Under the stairs you can install a shelf or a cupboard

storage bookshelf under the stairs

Braided boxes or baskets are often welcome

bin painting with fought baskets

Low chests of drawers ensure plenty of storage space and shelf space

Storage room ideas. Sideboard with storage boxes

Build a high-ceilinged bookshelf yourself

Coarse wood bin

Original coffee table on wheels

bin ideas transparent coffee table on wheels

So a sideboard positioned directly on the couch can be very handy

storage bin and bookcase  The cabinet fronts made of different textures provide more dynamics

storage space elegant wall shelf for dishes

Stylish, transparent bench full of firewood

bin ideas glass chest of firewood

Robust wall unit with plenty of storage space

bin ideas gray living wall and metal baskets

  A walnut chest of drawers with a coarse grain looks very classy

storage ideas wooden chest of drawers with compartments

Stylish space-saving solution in the attic

storage ideas in the attic

Store firewood intelligently

bin ideas fireplace with firewood Space-saving, eclectic living room furniture 

storage ideas leather storage box

Simple shelves and artwork

bin ideas metal construction cupboard

The dark plaited boxes give the dresser a softer touch

bin ideas minimalist dresser braided boxes

Original, modern sideboard for your little treasures

bin ideas modern glass planter

Long shelves are not only practical, but also very stylish

storage ideas open shelves made of light woodA unique, mobile shelf made of modules

storage space oval square modules

Delicious orange accents sweeten the living room

Storage room high shelves with aluminum bars

Stacked storage boxes can be placed under a seat

storage space ideas velvety storage boxes

Very dignified with orchid

storage space simple shelf in dark wood

Floating wall shelf in light shades

storage ideas floating shelf

Symmetrical with plenty of storage space

storage ideas symmetrical cabinet system

Creative shelves made of drawers

storage wall shelves from old drawers

Chic living room in pop art style 

Storage wall cladding in wood look

  Generous wall shelf and rattan bowls

storage ideas white bookshelf and round rattan basketsFlat, room-high wall shelf

storage wall ideas living room wall with bookshelves and pictures

Are you satisfied with this storage space ideas collection? Have you found something suitable for your living room? At least we hope to have helped you.