Build a coffee table yourself – DIY ideas for hobbyists

self build living room coffee table

DIY project for the home - living room furniture

Sometimes finding the right piece of furniture that matches the interior design is really complicated. This can prove to be a nightmare, especially when it comes to coffee tables. Very often the coffee table chosen by us is very big or very small ...
Why not make your own coffee table?

To build a coffee table yourself, you do not need a lot of materials or a lot of time, just a bit of creativity and imagination.

If you can not figure out the ideal piece, opt for a DIY project of reused materials that are available. Surely the home-made living room table would add a unique touch to the room. You do not have to be an expert to create something like that.

Build your own coffee table - vintage suitcases on table legs

living room coffee table build yourself striking

Add a great look and extra storage space to your living room or bedroom by adding one or more European-style coffee tables, for example. The striking effect your guests would notice immediately.

It's better to build your own table instead of buying a finished one. An original and extraordinary look can be created by doing so and acting environmentally friendly. Here are some options and alternatives to the usual coffee tables that can be found everywhere. Check our photo gallery and choose something weird like the ones shown here.

Decorated from coffee tables with paper scraps and strong materials to those that look traditional and vintage, our examples will definitely help you to add a unique style to your furniture.

Traditional, coastal living room furniture

Coffee table build living room art art

Old wooden pallets converted into a coffee table

Coffee table self build coffee tables worn out

Massive and stable here is the table, which also has storage space

  Coffee table self build coffee tables wood

Very compact - suitable for the bedroom

Coffee table wood massive coffee table build yourself

Simple metal table frame

living room coffee table wood metal frame coffee table itself

A masterpiece that brings nature into the house

Coffee table self build living room coffee tables wood natural wood

Real joy for the children - writing board as a table top

Living room coffee table self-build coffee tables

Conventional piece covered with turquoise upholstery

Coffee table self build living room coffee tables wood turquoise fabric

Attractive DIY table on wheels

living room coffee tables mobile coffee table self wheels

Use modern wooden chest as a living room table

self build living room coffee tables modern

Another chest of solid wood

Coffee table self-build coffee tables sturdy

Traditionally equipped with drawers

build coffee table storage area coffee table yourself

Wooden boards with different textures

Coffee table self build living room coffee table texture

Animal patterns decorate the table surface here

Coffee table self tinker living room coffee table table legs drawers

Worn out and absolutely remarkable

Coffee table self tinker living room vintage