Firewood store- the decorative side of firewood

Firewood is one of the last trends in interior design. If you have already thought about storing firewood, which will make your home even more welcoming and inviting, here are some answers and inspirations on our site.

Decorate with firewood and always have it at hand

Firewood store internally

Through the wood, the room looks even more comfortable and warmer

Firewood store internally next to it

Generous wall niches for firewood bring dynamism and elegance to the living space

Firewood store internally wood niche

Firewood store in a fashionable way

Firewood store internal recessed armchair

A few elements are enough to create a cozy atmosphere

Firewood store inside living room

In today's article, we have chosen for you the theme of "firewood as decoration" and hope that with our help, you can find your own solutions. Enclosed you will find a selection of creative ideas for decorative, original and above all practical firewood design and storage tips. The current trends will show you optimal solutions for the lumberyard, reveal space-saving tricks, provide you with chic eco-style home decorating ideas and perhaps lead you into a fresh mindset that you have longed for.

With good planning and some creativity, you can achieve energetic results

Firewood store internally

Even in a state-of-the-art interior, firewood has an aesthetic function

Firewood store internally modern installation

And if you love firewood so much, there are ways to enjoy it on the veranda

Firewood store inside porch

Whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor inspiration, designing with firewood will create extra tension in your interior. Contemporary firewood sheds, storage racks, wall niches, completely new backyard designs and other solutions that are functional and decorative at the same time.

Winter is the season when we all automatically feel the warmth of the fireplace. The fire becomes a clue to the entire scenery. Around the Christmas season, the log fire is an important element of reflection.

Modern and cold interiors can obviously be well complemented by the log fire

Firewood store internally installed fire

The more centrally you position the wood, the more importance it gets

Firewood store internally fitted kitchen

There are many ways and ways through which you can discover the cosiness of the real log fire

Firewood are stored internally small

The sideboard is by no means intended only for HiFi and Blu-ray

Firewood are stored internally

In order to enjoy the cosiness just described, we should consider our firewood accessories and storage options well. For example, it would be useful to have your firewood near the fireplace. Ideas for portable storage, ideas for suitable storage space should be well thought through before deciding on a modern interior or timely firewood shed.

It is a bit unusual, but the guest room or the bedroom can be refurbished by a fireplace

Firewood are stored internally in the wall

And of course, a thoroughly classical variant in the ancient style

Firewood store internally

A rectangular shape for the fireplace may fit better in a newly built house

Firewood store internally autumn

The freshly chopped wood has to stay outside for a while, so it can get really hard and dry. The modern solution for storing firewood should be associated with reliability, safety and a little attractiveness.

Open your eyes and look around! Are not there some corners and spots in the living space that appear unused and perfect for your firewood?

A contemporary interior design in the old half-timbered house can look very stylish

Firewood store internal installation wood

Give yourself a few days rest, surrounded by your favorite furniture and lots of warmth

Firewood store internally installed wall

Extend the beautiful evenings on your veranda as much as you like

Firewood store inside terrace