The concrete coffee table – modest elegance and stylish design

concrete coffee table gray minimalist retro furniture

What do you think of a concrete coffee table in your living room?

 The coffee table belongs to this group of furniture that is the centerpiece of the interior design. Perhaps that is also the main reason why furniture designers are constantly trying to design ever newer and more innovative designs of coffee tables. Of course, the materials play a significant role here.

They determine the look and texture of the table. Today we are dealing with the concrete coffee table. He is not very popular, but instead very robust and still very stylish and elegant. You may not suspect it, but this exotic under the coffee tables has the unique property to inscribe in almost any kind of interior design.

Fineness and stability in one

concrete coffee table smooth surface light gray

The undisputed number one is of course the industrial style, as you have already thought. Since the concrete coffee table feels in its own waters. Its cool surface, straight lines and geometric shape are the nuts and bolts of any industrial interior. But just as well fits such a table in your living room in retro or minimalist style. Concrete can also be perfectly combined with wood. In this way you create a pleasant, harmonious contrast. The severe coldness of the concrete and the soft warmth of the wood create a charming unity that gives the room a special, dualistic touch. You know - the opposites attract.

Cool industrial interior in gray

concrete coffee table massive block rolls industrial look

No less interesting is concrete in combination with steel or aluminum. A simple metal frame for your coffee table is not only practical and stable, but also very stylish looking. Of course you can also experiment with other materials and look for new ideas. And if you feel like designing your own concrete coffee table, then check out this cool DIY table made from a concrete slab and old wooden crates. Of course you can also use Euro pallets. With a homemade coffee table, you will have the pleasure of enjoying your coffee or tea every day with pride and satisfaction.

Smart DIY idea for your coffee table

concrete coffee table diy idea europaletten

We hope we were convincing enough and have aroused your interest in an elegant concrete coffee table. Take a look at all the pictures in peace and consider whether such a piece of furniture could not be the right one for your home.

Stylish game of textures

concrete coffee table thick plate high pile carpet

Unpretentious and practical

concrete coffee table thin plate metal legs

Cubic design with ample storage space

concrete coffee table gray rough surface minimalist

Concrete kisses wood

concrete coffee table wood frame high pile carpet

The eternal play of opposites

concrete coffee table wood piece simple design

Cool concrete can also be combined with natural materials and colors

concrete coffee table square design

Rectangular coffee table in marble look

concrete coffee table rectangular roll bin

Experiment with patterns and textures

concrete-coffee table-rugged industrial-style-gray-couch

Concrete coffee tables are the perfect outdoor furniture for your patio

concrete-coffee table-plain-design-African-lemons

Who says concrete can not be romantic?

concrete-coffee table-teaspoon-natural stone-around

Feminine charisma in white and light wood

concrete coffee table-white-plate-light-wood legs