30 cheap mini houses – Would you live in such a house?

sturdy mini houses painted white

Remarkable practical building structures


You should make important decisions in life if you want to live in a mini house. One should and can only satisfy his minimal needs and share the small living space with the whole family, without owning privacy.

First check the local authority and follow the building code.

Cheap mini houses

cheap pointed roof window mini-houses wood small

Cheap mini houses, cozy accommodations also offer many benefits. They are much cheaper and cheaper than houses in normal sizes. Most mini-house owners live without mortgage. The smaller structures cost less and thus you can pay them in cash. It proves to be a very complicated task to burden such construction with a mortgage, as these houses look strange and incomparable. In addition, one requires, in principle, small loans that the financial institutions currently do not yield. The monthly costs such as heating, cooling and lighting are relatively low. And your environmental impact would be significantly less.

Very small and functional built - prefabricated house

cheap mini houses small compact facade

Take a look at our photo gallery, which has several cheap mini houses shows and learn how some people spend their lives there. Maybe you could find something out for yourself.

The front door here is big enough

cheap mini houses small designer idea

Two modular constructions - futuristic living style

cheap white mini houses modular construction

Oval wood structure

inexpensive mini houses modern oval

Find out more about Minihaus building law in Germany

cheap mini houses trees forest

Equipped with veranda

cheap mini houses tree environment

Well lit.

inexpensive mini houses lighting outdoor area

On wheels

inexpensive mini houses facade windows

Black exterior walls and extended outdoor area

cheap black exterior porch minihouses grass area

Worn lookn

cheap mini houses green grass

  Very modern and practical on the shore

cheap wooden houses wood facade window

    Designed in country style

inexpensive mini houses small rustic facade

Small example model

cheap mini houses small town

Mobile cottage

cheap minihouses small structure

Robust and environmentally friendly cheap grass green mini houses minimalist

Rural cheap mini house on tires

cheap window pointed roof mini-houses mobile

Miniature themed house like a fairy tale

cheap leaves minihäuser modern architect

Contemporary solution

cheap mini houses modern architecture

Another example of house on tire

   cheap ideas minihouses roll

Small farmhouse

inexpensive bicycle nature mini houses sunny window

A solution for people who travel often

low-priced minihäuser pointed roof forest

Sustainable design

inexpensive minihouses stable sturdy wood

Cozy sitting area on the improvised veranda

inexpensive stairs armchairs mini-houses veranda

Natural stone as main component

stones cheap mini houses forest structure

  The interior of a small house

cheap mini-houses living room