Realism art – the story and the main features

realism art canvas millet the australians

More about realism art

Realism is an art style that emerged in the 30s and 40s of the 19th century. This happened in France. Here and in many other countries he played an essential role until 1880. On a global level too, realism was very important.

Like many other styles, realism can not be understood unless one knows the social context well enough.

Political and economic conditions at that time also played a very important role.

We return to the second half of the industrial revolution. This time was marked by the euphoric desire for progress and gain of more and more material values. Many great inventions were made, many great and great machines were designed and manufactured at that time.

One of the most famous paintings by Thomas Eakins

Realism art canvas thomas eakins

In painting, sculpture and architecture one finds a development that has many similarities in principle to literature from the same period.

More about the emergence and development of realism art

The era from which realism comes was marked by great social problems that, to a large extent, have jeopardized the existence of many people. The workers gathered in clubs to defend themselves. They were caught and punished.

One of the justifications of the existence of this specific style was to show reality in a clear and rough form. The truth should be shown objectively. The main theme was the struggle for survival from the lower social classes.

The stone breakers of Gustave Courbet 

Realism art canvas gustave courbet stone breaker

Realism art features

The lack of idealism is the first hallmark of this style. Then come the topics. They are mostly social. At its center are the poor social classes and also the contrast to the upper classes.

At the same time there is also a historical realism. This also affected the landscape painting. The painters presented the different landscapes in a realistic way and then added the details one by one.

Portraits and self-portraits were also very typical. It is striking that the human figure was depicted in a very realistic way.

The National Elections of George Caleb Bingham

realism art canvas george caleb bingham elections

The squire of Frank Blackwell Mayer

realism art canvas gentleman frank blackwell mayer

The washerwoman of Jean Baptiste Greuze

Realism art canvas Jean Baptiste Greuze the washerwoman

American Realism by George Bellows

Realism art canvas american george bellows

Totalitarian regimes often benefit from realism

realism art canvas totalitarianism comunism regime

Even ideological leaders are very often portrayed in this style

Realism art canvas Lenin portrait

Modern Realism - The Hope of Duffy Sheridan

realism art canvas portrait modern duffy sheridan hope

Rubens on horseback - a portrait by Eugene Verboeckhoven

Realism Art Canvas Portrait Rubens Eugene Verboeckhoven

Still Life of Deborah Elmquist

Realism Art Canvas Deborah Elmquist

The sunflowers of Manfred Juergens

realism art canvas sunflowers manfred juergens

Magic Realism by Michael Parkes

Realism Art Magical Michael Parkes