Pergola kit – 40 pergolas and gazebos for your outdoor area

pergola kit planting

Outdoor recreation area – enjoy the summer days

It takes more time to build a garden structure such as the pergola, so most home owners forego it as an accent in the garden or in the backyard. Nowadays, almost everyone can install a pergola or gazebo themselves without being well-experienced.

The manufacturers try as much as possible to help us and the Pergola kit to facilitate.
On the market you can find all the necessary materials and equipment and assemble your own construction.

Detailed instructions can be found at the equipment and follow them. This kit allows you to quickly and easily copy and install the structure outdoors, of course you need specific tools and equipment.

The pergola kit equipment is manufactured to the highest standard and ensures sustainability and functionality.

Pergola kit

pergola kit soft textiles

You should pay attention to the accessories and all components before you start building. Do you want to flood in more or less sunlight? A grid pergola provides more privacy and lets the sunshine brighten the interior. If you purchase your pergola online, you will take care of these details, so you will not be uncomfortably surprised at the end.
If you follow the instructions step by step, you can easily install the pergola or gazebo yourself.

Pergola kit and equipment

Pergola build your own equipment

The woodwork is specially designed for easy use. We worked hard to create these tips.

All pieces are pre-cut in the factory. Do not cut out the pieces. Be careful and careful when installing.

You need electric drill. Pilot drilling will greatly facilitate your work. With the rubber mallet or the recoilless hammer you can mount the components in the right place. Lock angle still needed to align the posts. Eye protection, gloves are recommended.

Functional construction suitable for any garden

pergola kit summer gazebo

Red parasol protects against strong sunlight

pergola build sunshade red

Thematic garden deco in white

pergola kit wood curtains airy

Minimalist and cozy

pergola curtains wooden pillars canopy

Mounted on the house facade

pergola kit wood pillars

 Robust and subtle shapes and lines

pergola kit modern minimalist

Exotic landscape

pergola kit airy open

Massive canopy

coffee table garden furniture set wood pergola garden gazebo modern

 Recreational corner – soft, comfortable garden furniture

pergola kit planting environment

Rattan rocking chairs for extra comfort

gazebo yourself build a hanging chair swing

Airy curtains provide privacy

traditional facade grass dining table chairs plastic

Simple construction made of wood

pergola build your own roof

Garden furniture Set of rattan – gray curtains

Pergola itself build stable wood

Traditional design

Pergola build shrub grass

Built-in garden lighting

pergola kit lighting

Subtle wooden construction

pergola kit dining table chairs

In the Japanese style

shingle roof pergola kit lattice wood

Stable canopy for more protection

     pergola original kit

Fresh garden plants and flowers  grow pergola plant

Freestanding construction – geometric, robust lines

pergola build construction bright

Masculine and sustainable designed  pergola kit rattan garden furniture set

Absolutely traditional and functional  pergola kit great solution

Would you like to drink your afternoon tea here?

pergola curtains rattan furniture

Lush greenery and foliage in the backyard

pergola shadow wood construction equipment

  Stone slabs on the floor – garden design

Gazebo yourself build floor stone slabs

Table decoration for outdoor party

Pergola itself build curtains roofing

Lanterns, indirect lights, garden decorations, airy curtains – all this makes the gazebo look elegant and cozy

pergola build garden lights yourself

  Water system – decorative element

pergola build your own japanese

Contemporary furnishing solution

pergola build yourself construction wood chair

objective country style  pergola build yourself rustic

Arranged in the backyard

pergola build sofa sofa rattan

Climbing plants add freshness and natural beauty

pergola build sofas table yourself

Traditional for Asia gazebo

Pergola build a pitched roof sitting area