Bicycle wall mount and other bike racks that amaze you

bicycle stand space save home decorate

34 fascinating bicycle wall mount Ideas and bike rack designs for the home

Do you like to do sports? Do you share the opinion that a healthy body is the same healthy spirit? And which sport do you like to practice? Do you jog or swim rather? Is active fitness training also of interest to you?

Or something else is important to you? Today's article is dedicated to those of you who are passionate about bike riding. Are you one of yours? Then read on! It's about where you can store your bike.

Emphasize the industrial look of the interior

bicycle stand wall brick wall colored carpet

Maybe you have wondered several times, where is the most suitable place in your home for the bike, if you do not drive it? In the following pictures you will find several inspiring suggestions for bicycle wall mount and other bike racks will find ideas that will help you to answer what you can do with your bike without affecting the interior design. There are a few ways to better position your bike so it saves space. At the same time, this can serve as a great, extravagant decoration, which gives your home an exceptional touch.

Scandinavian living room with a strange wall decoration

Bicycle Wall Mount Creative Living Ideas Living Room Design

Keep the bike in the living room

bicycle wall mount design living room original

Functional furniture is great for modern interior design

bicycle stand living room exploiting ideas

Save space and make the wall look more attractive

bike wall mount space save living room wall decor

That's creative!

bicycle stand idea practical wandtegale

You can hang the bike on a simple scaffold on the wall, but it would be much more attractive to hang the bike on a rack. And much more practical, by the way. This is a perfect solution for interiors with few pieces of furniture, because it seems spicier.

Attach the bicycle to a scaffold in the living room

bicycle stand creative living ideas wood design

Bicycle, plants ...

bicycle wall mount functional brick wall

There is also space for the accessories of a passionate cyclist

Bicycle stand ideas store accessories

Light and original

bicycle wall mount multifunctional wall shelf

Or why not hang your bike on the ceiling? It would just look fantastic. And will also save you a lot of space if you have little free space anyway.

Hang the bike from the ceiling

bicycle wall mount home ceiling hanging

Would you keep your bike that way?

bicycle stand at home living room space saving

You could hang the bike on suitable handles. That's a great solution, in case you have more than one bike.

A wall shelf can also be a great bike stand

bicycle stand living room hanging wall design

The bikes hang on the wall 

bike wall mount attractive beautiful living ideas

In some families the bikes are much more than one ...

bicycle wall mount hanging several bicycles

Another option is to attach one of the wheels to the wall. That would be great if you have limited space.

Then the bike would save space if you hang it up vertically

Bike Wall Mount Creative Home Decorations At Home

Just think functional

Bicycle stand at home decorating creative living ideas

And so, what do you think, would any of the listed variants work in your home? Also look at the other examples that follow. Maybe you will find something suitable for your own interior!

Take advantage of the space under the stairwell

Bicycle stand take advantage of creative home interior staircase

 Keep the bike on the balcony

bicycle stand balcony hanging balcony furniture

A functional wall shelf

bicycle stand creative ideas shelves

In the living room the bike will cause a bigger sensation

bicycle stand at home practical ideas living room

The free space in your home is important, save it!

bicycle stand design creative home living ideas

To keep bikes at home, you need enough free space

bike stand wall mount beautiful living ideas

Hang the bike on the bedroom wall

bicycle stand bedroom wall hanging up

Position the bike over the hanging sideboard

Bicycle wall mount hanging on small library

Is not that an attractive way to keep your bikes?

bicycle wall mount design home shelves

It's like a painting!

bicycle wall mount unique wall decoration stairs

Space for more than one bike

Bicycle wall mount home several bicycles

Attach the bicycles to the wall one above the other

Bicycle Wall Mount Living Room Exploit

Multifunctional wall shelf

bicycle wall mount home compact functional

This bike has a special cabinet

bicycle wall mount ideas cabinet original

Attach the bike to the window

Bicycle stand at home window save space

Hang the bike from a shelf

bicycle wall mount ideas wall shelf exploit