100 Famous Works of Art – creative sculptures and jams worldwide

famous artworks art caragiagle statue

Famous works of art that you will never forget


With this article we want you original and famous works of art present worldwide. Art and culture are part of the national heritage of each country, leaving an unforgettable mark alongside history. The story with its important events and participants is constantly the source of inspiration for artists, musicians and poets.

A country should have a national memory, which is closely related to the past, origin and mentality of the people. Each of us needs to know exactly where he's from to understand where he's going. In the general sense, this means that we need to know our history, art and culture, our customs, customs and beliefs better so that we can better understand the other people. In hectic everyday life, unfortunately, we have little time to visit art and cultural events. After all, there are other ways in which you can further develop your education. Here you will find 100 pictures presenting unique and famous works of art worldwide. It was a great pleasure for us to put this together for you. Because we, humans, are just a little bit of world history and we should never forget that.

"The Lions", Tower of London

famous artworks art lions tower of london

"Los Emigranates" - El Habre

famous artworks art los emigrantes sculpture

"Square Sainctelette" - Brussels, Belgium

famous artworks art square sainctelette

"The Kelpies" - Falkirk, Scotland

famous artworks art the kelpies sculpture

"Anonymous Paaser" sculpture - Wroclaw, Poland

famous artworks art anonymous passer skluptur art

Magyarorszag, Stuhlweissenburg, Mujko Szobra

famous artworks art magyarorszag

"Man at work" - Bratislava, Slovakia

famous artworks art man at work

"Mihai Eminescu" - Onesti, Romania

famous artworks art mihai eminescu sculpture statue

"The Running Horses" sculpture by Robert Glen, Las Colinas, Texas

famous artworks running horses sculpture statue

"Falling Building", Melbourne, Australia

famous artworks art sinking building

"Telephone boxes" sculpture - London

famous artworks art sculpture telephone boxes

"Break through from your mold" by Zenos Frudakis

famous artworks break through from your mold

"Expansion," Paige Bradley

famous artworks art expansion sculpture

"Hippo" sculpture - Taipei Zoo

famous artwork hippo sculpture

"King Decebalus" - Romania (the highest stone sculpture in Europe - 40 m)

famous works of art king decebalus

"Gnomes" sculpture - Poland

famous artworks sculpture gnomes

"The Spider" - London

famous artwork sculpture Spider

"People of the river" by Chong Fah Cheong - Singapore

famous artwork sculpture statue people of the river

"The road of freedom" - Vilnius, Lithuania

famous artwork sculpture statue the road of freedom

Appearance from the World War (statues with real scale), Eceabat, Turkey

Famous works of art The world was scene Turkey

"Iguana Park" - Amsterdam, Holland

iguana park artworks art statue

"Salmon" sculpture - Poland

salmon sculpture famous artwork

"Memorial of the Jews in the Jewish Ghetto" - Krakow, Poland

the memorial to the jews of the jewish famous artworks

The shoes on the Danube bank - monument in Budapest, Hungary

the shoes on the danube bank monument artworks art

"Franz Kafka" by Jaroslav Rona - Czech Republic

famous artworks art sculptures franz kafka

"Gorillas" - Italy

artworks art sculptures gorillas

Michal Trpak - Czech Republic

artworks art sculptures michal trpak

"Water pasture" by Pavel Koichev, Bulgaria

works of art art sculptures water pasture

"Boy and Bird" - Boston, America

artworks art and culture boy and bird sculpture

"The Cows" by Oscar Peterson, Toronto, Canada

artworks art and culture the kuhen

"The Eagle" - a symbol of the Hungarian football team

artworks art and culture eagle hungary

"Football is a religion" Statue - Colombia

art and culture football is religion sculpture

"Little Princess" - Budapest, Hungary

artworks art and culture little princess sculptures

"The Man § The Dog" Sculpture by John Plimmer - New Zealand

artworks art and culture the man and the dog sculpture

Famous Artworks - Visionary Art Museum - Baltimore, America

artworks art american visionary art museum

'Nelson Mandela' - South Africa

artworks art nelson mandela statue south africa

"The giant finger" - Paris, France

artworks art sculptures the giant finger

"The Giant Hand" - Atacama Desert, Chile

artworks art sculptures the giant hand

"The Lady of Hayes Valley" - San Francisco, America

artworks art sculptures the lady of hayes valley

"Sad Man" - Budapest, Hungary

works of art art sculptures truriger man

"Turtle" - Olomouc, Czech Republic

Artworks Art Sculptures Turtle in Olomouc

"Turul bird" - Hungary

artworks turul bird with the holy crown of hungary

"Fuck you" sculpture - Milan, Italy

artworks art and culture fuck you sculpture

"Pal Utcai Fiuk" - Budapest, Hungary

artworks art and culture pal utcai fiuk statue

Pioneer Plaza Cattle Drive - Texas

artworks art and culture pioneer plaza cattle drive

"The children playing" - Hungary

artworks art and culture children playing sculptures

"Columbo" statue - Budapest, Hungary

columbo famous artworks worldwide

"The Pistols" - Prague, Czech Republic

art and culture artworks pistols

"The kangaroos" - Australia

Art and culture kangaroo

Ned Kelly. Glenrowan - Australia

art and culture ned kelly

"Spoonbridge & cherry "- Minneapolis, America

art culture spoonbridge and cherry sculpture

"The Monolith" statue of Gustav Vigeland, Oslo, Norway

art and culture the monolith

"The Slaveikovs" statue - Sofia, Bulgaria

famous artworks art culture the slaveikovs bulgaria

"The sitting bull" by Josep Granyer - Barcelona, ​​Spain

famous artworks art culture the sitting bull sculpture

Culture House - Stockholm, Sweden

famous artworks art sculptures culture house sweden

"The Charming Giraffe" by Jose Granyer - Barcelona, ​​Spain

famous artworks sculptures the charming giraffe

"Lost Dragons" - Varna, Bulgaria

famous artworks sculptures love felled bulgaria

"Luksong Lubid" - Philippines

art sculptures luksong lubid

"Violin Player" - Amsterdam, Holland

art sculptures violin player holland

"Pasasalamat" - Philippines

art art statues pasasalamat

"Moon reflections" - Dubai

artworks art sculptures moon refections

"Flight of the earls" - Ireland

artworks flight of the earls ireland

"Hachiko" statue - Japan

Artworks Hachiko sculptures and statues

"Mud Maiden-Lost gardens of Heligan" - England

artworks art sculptures mud maiden england

Fernando Pessoa - Lagoa Henriques, Lisbon, Portugal

famous artworks lagoa henriques

"Boy with fish" - Poland

artwork masterpieces boy with fish

"Blue Mustang" - Denvir, America

artworks art blue mustang america

"Little cats" - Czech Republic

creative artwork little cats czechia

"John Metcalf Civil Engineer" Sculpture - England

creative artworks sculptures john metcalf civil engineer

"The last tree" - Philippines

artworks the last tree

Carlos Drummond De Andrade - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

artworks masterpieces art carlos drummond

"Laboratory" statue - India

artwork masterpieces laboratory statue

Millennium Square - Britannia

Sculptures and statues millennium square bristol uk

"Statue of love" - ​​Georgia, America

Sculptures and statues statue of love

"Victims of communism" monument - Prague, Czech Republic

artworks art sculptures the victims of communism

"Turtle tracks" - Australia

artworks art sculptures turtle australia

"The Awakening" - Maryland, America

artworks art projects the awakening maryland

"Risen christ" statue - Philippines

artworks art projects the risen christ

"United buddy bears" - Berlin, Germany

artworks art projects united buddy bears

"Holocaust" - Berlin, Germany

artworks art monument holocaust

Battery Park - New York

artworks art projects battery park

Benalla, Victoria - Australia

artworks art projects benalla victoria

Famous Artworks - "Che Guevara" - Bolivia

artworks art projects che guevara bolivia

James Michael Curley - Boston, America

artworks art projects james michael curley

"Lobster" - Barcelona, ​​Spain

artworks art projects lobster statue

"Magellan's arrival" - Philippines

artworks art projects magellans arrival

"Murugan" - Malaysia

artworks art projects murugan statue

"The Lord and the dragon" - Spain

artworks art projects the lord and the dragon

"Father and Son" - Estonia

artworks art projects father and son statues

"The Wasp" - humor house and theater, Bulgaria

Artworks The World Wasp Sculptures

James Joyce - Hungary

Artworks worldwide sculptures James Joyce

Windsor, Eton College, UK

worldwide art sculptures windsor

"Running deer" - Eiteljorg Museum, America

artworks art worldwide sculptures eiteljorg museum

"Cattle drive" - ​​America

works of art-art-world sculptures-cattle-drive

Grounds of sculpture - America

Artworks worldwide sculptures grounds for sculpture

"Buyer" - Indiana, America

Artworks worldwide Sculptures Buyers America

South bank - Australia

Artworks worldwide sculptures south bank statue