Paper lights – buy or do it yourself?

Paper lamps pendant lamps uniques design

Colored paper lights decorate the room

How do you find paper lights? The lighting plays a crucial role in the interior design of your home. The right choice of luminaires and their correct positioning can make drastic changes in the look of a room. The lighting knows different types and prices.

From the really expensive designer lamps to the DIY paper lamps, you can find a rich selection of luminaires on the market. Today we will introduce you to attractive models of paper lights. Some lamps were made by famous designers and some models can be realized at home as a DIY project. Below is a quick guide to choosing a DIY paper light.

Make lamps of paper yourself

Paper lights pendants uniques design

DIY paper lamp:

You need paper for the first time (this can also be normal printing paper). Continue to find an ordinary spherical paper lamp. The connection cable, a light bulb and hot glue continue to be used. Fold many Fortune plates. That takes a lot of time. The Fortune plates are to be glued with hot glue on the paper lamp. If you want to glue the four corners, it will take longer. For the second line, stick each Fortune Teller to the interface of two Fortune Tellers from the first line. And so it goes to the end ...

Now look at the photos and make your decision - buy better or do it yourself ...

Hanging butterfly

paper lamps pendant lights butterfly pink

Stunning paper lamps by Paula Arntzen

paper lamps by paula arntzen

DIY table lamp - the original idea

Paper Lamps DIY Table Lamp White

Origami paper lamp in yellow

paper lamps origami pendant lights yellow

Origami pendant lamp in white

paper lamps origami pendant light white

Parchment paper lamp in yellow

Paper lamps parchment yellow table lamp

Paper lamp by Joanne Lin

paper lamps by joanne lin white

Paper lights by Renae Taylor

Paper lights of renae taylor pink yellow flower

Paper Lamps by Sachie Muramatsu

Paper lights by Sachie Muramatsu flowers

A work of art by designer Tuuka Halonen

paper lights from tuuka halonen

Spring motifs - butterflies and flowers

Paper lights white butterflies flowers

Pendant lights made of paper with a unique design

Pendant lights paper lamps with unique design

pendant lights  from paper cake molds

pendant lights paper lights from paper cake molds

Atmospheric flower patterns

pendant lights paper lights flower pattern chic

Black pendant lamp in geometric shape

Pendant lights paper lights geometric pattern

White fringes

Pendant lights paper lights white fringes

Great pendant lamp made of paper

pendant lights paper lights white great

Decorated with butterflies

Pendant lights paper lights with butterflies

Jellyfish paper lights in green

Jellyfish paper lamps green pendant lights

Jellyfish paper lamps in white

Jellyfish paper lights white pendant lights

Origami floor lamp - white dragon

floor lamps origami stylish dragon

Paper floor lamps of different heights

floor lamps paper lamps white stylish

Great look

table lamps foldable paper lights original

Uniqes design

table lamps paper lamps original chic

You can integrate a conserved glass inside

table lamps paper lamps original warm light

Various patterns and figures

Table lamps paper lights different figures

Woven paper lamps

table lamps paper lamps white woven