Single apartment set up

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Single apartment for men - typical features

Somehow, the typical male designs were always disadvantaged in our articles. A single apartment for men would have to have a very distinctive, memorable character. There, the person of the owner must not only come into its own, but also be directed to one's own development.

Basic rules that also apply to the single apartment for men

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The single apartment is usually small, whether it is inhabited by a man or a woman. Above all, the zoning process would seem to be visual, but on the whole an open plan should prevail. In lofts, one often has some entanglements, which are already there from the beginning. They are realities of architecture there. One should bring these to the advantage and involve in the divorce of the different zones.

The color selection

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If you want your men's single apartment to be really modern and up-to-date, then opt for gray. This is the new black and white in the interior design. The gray in all its shades and nuances nevertheless looks very modern and masculine at the same time.

Furthermore, gray is a nuance that is more emotional and much more personal than other neutrals

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In a single apartment for men, you could mate the gray background with furniture in gray, white, black with white. Then you have a masculine yet personalized look. The monotony is good when relaxing and can be wonderfully enriched on different occasions with accents. So in the end, you have a clean, clear, yet transformable ambiance.

Modern built-in furniture

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Acting old-fashioned is probably much less appropriate for men than for women. In a single dwelling for someone of the stronger sex one should not allow this under any circumstances. So you should best not compromise on the furniture. Put on modern mechanisms and technologies. The investment certainly pays off and then pays off. Because such furniture is usually very adaptable and save you a lot of space. They are multifunctional and also save a number of small purchases.

Be sure to consider retro style in a single men's apartment

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In the fashion and design world as a whole, the retro style in recent seasons is very popular. If you now equip a single apartment and let it act male, then you should definitely prefer this. This allows older pieces of furniture to be used. In this way, you could also make the single apartment appear very classy and personalized.

Looking for the central element in the room

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A man must be able to express clearly what is important to him in life. This can also be done wonderfully by the structure of the single apartment. There is a working and entertainment zone and a rest area.

Think carefully about which zone the accent is placed. Ideally, the main zone should be marked with an accent wall. A high-contrast or strong color should be used there.

The other zones, especially the kitchen, should as far as possible be housed in niches.

Work surface and kitchen island are an alternative for the successful structure

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Hygiene is very important in a single apartment, regardless of the gender of the owner. Good structure, as few entanglements as possible and modern, easy to maintain and even self-nourishing textures help in this case much further. The selection of corresponding colors to the rest of the equipment is also very masculine.

Industrial elements

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In addition to the retro elements, the industrial style represents another rather successful stylistic choice in a single-bedroom for men. You can restrict this to some areas, such as the hallway or the laundry room. Decorative wallpapers with industrial patterns could be a wonderful accent wall.

Mirror in the strict style

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Of course, men should take care of their appearance. They are as vain as women today. Their demands on their look are getting higher.

But make sure that mirrors, matching fittings and care accessories are at least masculine and strong

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White wall design makes the room look brighter

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The traditional black leather sofa

single apartment set up apartment white  Transparent room divider

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Industrial touch add the floor lamps

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Masculine furnishing solution

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Vintage room design

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