Pies store – amazing DIY cake stands

pies cake stand table decoration cake cake stand

Original ideas for table decoration and festive atmosphere

The DIY cake teabags are really easy and fast to tinker. There are also several options and designs that you can try. Use vintage materials or existing items and create a beautiful cake tray. Hopefully you will find something for yourself here and start your own project.

We are shown here how to make a nice cake stand simple and fast - in a brilliant way you can festively decorate the dining table without spending money on a new one.

For this crafting idea you need plates, glue and some candlesticks. Beautify and arrange the etagere according to your desire.


Pie etagere etagere for pies cake stands cool

1. Three plates of different size, hot glue

2. Lamp base, pillar candle or something else that is stable and durable enough to withstand the cakes or cakes. The three pillar candlesticks were needed here. The decorative, dark, rustic metal became a shining base. You need creativity and patience here.

3. Ensure the robustness the base, so you calmly put the plate with the cake on it.

Stable cake stand painted in pink

Tortenetagere etagere porten cake stand delicious

4. Rinse and let the plates dry and arrange them according to size. Use sandpaper to roughen the center of the plate. Add a little glue.

5.Then turn over the shelf to check the stability of the structure. Do not put this DIY cake rack in the washing machine.

6. Decorate the edges of the plates with jewels such as artificial pearls or crystalsn For example, by attaching them with hot glue. You could add character and personality to it

Festive table decoration for garden party

cake stand for cake holder garden party

Square plates in blue

cake stand for pies cake stand blue

Decorated with jewels cake stand for pies cake stand

Delicious brownies exhibit

  cake stand for cake pies brownies

Colorful pastel colors

cake stand for pies cake stand colorful

Made from records

cake holder for pies cake stand clever

Ceramic pie-lager in fresh green

Vintage cake stand for pies cake stand decoration

Vintage tea service

cake pies vintage cake stand

Plate made of cardboard

cake pies cake stand diy

Use the cake stand as a jewel stand

cake stand for pies cake stand elegant

Traditional porcelain plates cake stand for pies cake stand decorated

Massive cake stand in yellow

cake stand for cake holder yellow painted

Large glass lid

Pies etagere cake stand glass lid

Factual, but practical and great etager

Cake rack decorates ceramic cake stand for pies cake stand size

Instructions in a few steps

cake pies ceramic cake stand

Glass pedestal and a white plate

brownies etagere for pies cake stand delicious

Improvised cake stands - inverted wine glasses and porcelain plates

Cake serving glasses jar pies tarts cake holder cake

With a natural look

  Tortenetagere-etagere-for-cakes-cake stand-natural

Cool pink ambience

Tortenetagere-etagere-for-cakes-cake stand-pink

Molten records

Tortenetagere-etagere-for-cakes-cake stand-schallplatten

Delicious cakes

Tortenetagere-etagere-nice for-tarts torte stand-

mirror plate

Tortenetagere-etagere-for-cakes-cake stand-mirror

Matted texture

Tortenetagere etagere for pies cake stand sweet Tortenetagere etagere for pies cake stand plate