Well-known film characters and comic superheroes as fine arts

Movie characters queen of hearts

Original costumes of movie characters and superheroes

Today we have put together a curious collection of movie characters for you. Antti Karppinen is a visual artist who likes superheroes and movie posters. His dream is to design posters of famous comic and movie characters. That's why he started taking on people in superhero costumes.

So slowly whole collections of it originated.

Even at his first Comic Con event, he was absolutely thrilled with the costumes of the performers and shot incredibly original photos. Then he printed the pictures in poster size and so people could see themselves on the posters. They were full of admiration and were really happy. Since then, Antti Karppinen has been attending numerous such events and recording the best costumes. These pictures, which we show you today, are from the Cardiff movie & Comic Con event that he recently visited.

His next destination is the big show San Diego Comic Con to create more pictures. Admire the masterful costumes that are a perfect copy of the movie characters. Can you find your favorite hero among them?

Belle from the movie The Beauty and the Beast of Disney

movie characters belle disney the beautiful and the beast

Wolverine from the well-known American comic books

movie characters american comic books wolverine

Captain America - the classic

movie characters captain america movie

The evil Joker from Batman

super hero comicfig joker

The cartoon character Jack Skellington

super hero comic character jack skellington

Cartoon character Red Arrow

superhero cartoon character red arrow

Dante from the series Devil May Cry

movie characters Devil May Cry series dante

Tankgirl from the eponymous movie

superhero movie character tankgirl

Ghostbusters movie character

movie characters ghostbusters character

Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean

superhero captain jack sparrow

The villain Joker from Batman

movie characters jocker cartoon character

The popular Mary Poppins from the Disney fantasy movie

superhero children's movie Mary Poppins

Poro from the science fiction film League of Legends

film figures league of legends poro

Maleficent from Disney

super hero maleficent disney

The Scorpion by Marvel Comics

superheroes marvel comics cartoon character scorpion

Penguin cartoon character

movie characters penguin cartoon character

Bayonetta from PlayStation 3

superhero PlayStation 3 bayonetta

Poison Ivy - opponent of Batman

movie characters poison ivy batman

Stampunk cartoon character

superhero steampunk character woman

Tankgirl from the movie of the same name

movie characters tankgirl movie

Lara Croft from Tomb Raider

superhero tomb raider bestseller

Assassin's Creed cartoon character

superheroes video game assassins creed

Agent Carter from the TV series

movie characters agent carter series