5 Street Art Techniques that go beyond the limits of the ordinary!

Unleash all your artistic potential through our street art techniques

Most modern street performers use a variety of exceptional fine art techniques to make a name for themselves and earn a place on the list of the most famous and extravagant creators. They go beyond conventional boundaries, experimenting boldly and creating new styles by creating abstract shapes and unique color combinations! All eyes are turned to these special masterpieces that challenge our perceptions - thus art history is always rewritten! Creative and innovative ideas count most in the design of new visual pleasures! This proves that nothing is impossible!

Street Art Techniques - Anamorphosis

chelase street art techniques

The right viewpoint is the essence of this art form. Hard to believe, or ...?

street art techniques graphic design

Under Anamorphose One understands an art technique by which the produced representations are understandable only from a certain viewing angle. In some cases, the actual meaning of the corresponding artwork is encrypted in its mirror image! Thanks to the Italian genius Leonardo da Vinci and his numerous projects and original ideas, the world has known this art form since the 15th century! The most interesting modern example is the s.g. anamorphic typography the young British graphic designer Joseph Egan and Hunter Tompson. As a final thesis at the Art and Design College in Chelsea they put different short texts on the school walls - but these gave their deep meaning and conveyed the hidden meaningful message, only if you looked at them from a specific location!

Photorealism or how art and reality merge into a whole

photorealism atreet art techniques

Simply amazing!

photorealism amazing

Since the 1960s, photorealists have striven to create a "new reality" - their works are so realistic that they are often confused with real life photos. By recording everyday scenes with a camera and then copying everything down to the smallest detail on the canvas, the artists achieve a truly amazing result. The most famous photorealists in the world include Richard Estes, Audrey Flack, Chuck Close and the sculptor Duane Hanson. However, this style of art is being heavily criticized because it is not possible to determine clearly which one should be the leading factor - the ability to imitate or the creative style and original ideas.

Street Art Techniques - Illustrations on Dirty Cars


Street Art Techniques - Even the dirt can turn into a masterpiece in the right hands

Art dirty car window

The 52-year-old graphic designer, sculptor and illustrator Scott Wade from Texas inspire everyone around him by turning the dirty car windows into real works of art. He needs neither a canvas nor dyes, but simply the dust deposited on the car windows! When Scott came home after a hard day at work, he did not draw a few figures on the dirty surface of his car without great care, but no one could decipher that scrawl back then. After some time he succeeded in telling exciting stories and expressing inner worlds through his pictures - thus he became the main representative of this new style in art and quickly found many successors! Although he devotes a lot of time to his unusual projects, they go away with the first raindrops. Thanks to the numerous photos of his works, we can also enjoy a little bit of his art!

Let three-dimensional as two-dimensional effect

alexa meade

What shoud that? A photo, a painting or maybe a real person?

alexa meade artist

In the works of the famous American artist Alexa Meade, real life goes into a beautiful and richly colored painting. These are portrait paintings in which a real living person is hidden somewhere in the picture. Sounds interesting but also confusing, right? Actually, Meade paints the bodies of her models with acrylics, creating an amazing effect of optical illusion - the dredimensional representations look like two-dimensional! Only the unpainted body parts like hair and eyes betray the viewer, where reality ceases and art begins. This art is a well-balanced combination of painting, photography, illustration and performance and will definitely take your breath away!

Street art techniques - art made of shadows

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These artists bring different objects or persons into specific positions to create interesting figures out of their shadows. In addition, of course, you need the right lighting to achieve the desired effect and put everyone in wonderment! Although the painterly talent of the respective artist does not matter at all here, rich fantasy is required! Passion, skill and dedication are three more requirements!

Afterwards we give you the opportunity to get close to the world of art! Have fun!

Street Art Techniques - The Swiss artist Felice Varini became known worldwide for his anamorphosis art


Voilà ... and that's how the effect is created!


Varini's geometric forms find their place in various museums around the globe

museun art bruessel varini

Street Art Techniques - You just need to find the right viewing angle

street art techniques varini

A breathtaking optical illusion

optical illusion interesting

Street Art Techniques - It all depends on the perspective!

felice varini street art techniques

The aspect is of prime importance in amorphosis

street art techniques interesting felice varini

Street Art Techniques - Sometimes everything is encrypted in the mirror image of the corresponding representation


street art art anamorphosis

street art techniques mirror image

Street art techniques - photorealism or how the paintings are brought to life

photorealism effect

Is this really a painting?

photorealism art

The photorealists create a parallel reality


Street art techniques - sweets for all ages

photorealism street art

Numerous motifs serve as the basis of photorealistic works of art

photo realism

The artist Duane Hanson and his amazingly realistic human figures

skulpuren innovative ideas

skluptur duane hanson technology art

A new and somewhat different interpretation of da Vinci's Mona Lisa 

dirty cars art street art

Scott Wade does not need much - just a dirty car window and his brushes

scott wade art

scott wade dirty cars

amazing art

street art techniques new ideas

The American artist Alexa Meade transforms our drydimensional world into a two-dimensional masterpiece by painting the bodies of her models

alexa meade art

Your models dive easy in the painting under

art techniques

paint techniques art

street art techniques alexa

street art techniques innovative ideas


two dimensions art

Street Art Techniques - From the painting back to real life

street art techniques art

Shadows are created by art and art is created from the shadows!

Below are a few examples waiting for you!

kind of art shadow

damage art innovative original

shadow art art

shadow street art techniques

street art techniques shadow