Design lamps in bulb shape attract attention

Designer lamps in bulb shape halogen lamps floor lamp

What do you think about when you hear the word "light bulb"? You may remember the iconic light bulb shape, which is even better known than the Coca-Cola bottle. Sometimes it is very interesting to transform things that seem immutable.

There are many exceptional lamps with incandescent shape that will definitely enliven your living room furniture.

Which design do you want for yourself?

Designer lamps in incandescent shape

Bulbs with bulb shape rise and shine

Rise and Shine testifies respect for Edison's light bulb, which has accelerated the process of the Industrial Age. But 130 years later, this seems to be finally cloudy. The light bulb was already banned by the EU and similar projects are being held around the world. In honor, our cheeky photo spread shows the influential rise of the light bulb in a symbolic way - Shortness of Life (by designer Joost Wever)

 Portable lamp that can be put in your purse

Bulbs with bulb shape creative

Really amazing

Designer lamps in light bulb pocket

And does not take up much space

designer lamps light bulbs purse

Shining blue

designer lamps in incandescent halogen bulbs blue

Bunch of three halogen lamps

Design lamps hanging in incandescent halogen lamps

Minimalist for the office

Bulbs in incandescent halogen bulbs bright

Alternative wall lamp   Designer lamps with bulb shape halogen lamps wall lamp

The designer font can be seen inside

designer lamps in incandescent halogen lamps xx

The magic lamp of Aladin

designer lamps lightbulbs attractive

Birch tree or?

Designer lamps in light bulb lightbulbs tree designer lamps bulbs birch

As if you have blown them

designer lamps lightbulbs bubbles

Designed industrially and rough

Design lamps with incandescent light bulbs blue

Exhibition of pieces

designer lamps light bulbs shapes

The Japanese designer designer lamps-bulbs-hanging lamps

Abstract and alternatively designed

Designer lamps hanging with light bulb shape

Surrealistic look   designer lamps lightbulbs idea demo


designer lamps bulbs light

Silhouette of a simple floor lamp

designer lamps light bulbs lines floor lamp

Hanging crystals

designer lamps light bulbs steel

Military and industrial   designer lamps bulbs floor lamp

Similar table lamp

light bulb idea table lamp desk

Adjustable length

vintage led light wall lamp light bulb design

Your turn

designer lamps light bulbs wall plate