An overview of Surrealism and the art of Salvador Dali

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An overview of Surrealism


Surrealism is one of the most important styles in the 20th century. It is based on the psychoanalytic theses of Sigmund Freud. Another important influence is the messy context of the political era. The movement started in the 20s, in Paris, France.

Sigmund Freud and his influence on surrealistic art 

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As a forerunner of Surrealism art one can look at Dadaism. The philosophy behind the latter style questions many of the beliefs of ancient Europe.

The artist Salvador Dali is the main representative of Surrealism

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More about the origin of Surrealism

In October 1924, a manifesto of surrealism was signed. This date is also taken as the official beginning of this style. The manifesto was created by André Breton. He was looking for a new form of art expression. He should better represent the emotional impulse of the people. Art should come in contact with the sensible, not the rational and the moderate.

Manifesto of André Breton

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Art is viewed by the authors' personal insight, as well as how they can grasp their emotions and visualize them. An artist must therefore be aware of the existence of the conscious and the subconscious. He must also be aware of the existence of his inner being, his dreams, his own strength and weaknesses. Surrealism is also linked to the disintegration of current social values. This happened simultaneously with the search for something new. People are looking for a new society, for new values ​​and attitudes.

Famous works of art by Salvador Dali

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The art school of surrealism

Surrealism art spreads to both painting and sculpture. She inherited much of the formal language of Dadaism and its ideas were largely taken over by the style of modernism.

And so is Surrealism born ...

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Characteristics that characterize surrealism

One can compare the methods of painters from Surrealism with those of psychologists from their analyzes. One follows the impulses to get closer to the subconscious. Furthermore, you explore the desires and the hidden, even the intrusive thoughts that you can not get rid of.

The melting watches of Dali

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In other words, they wanted to transform the dreams, desires, longings that lay deepest in their souls into art. The pictures and other works that result are unreal. They escape the concrete in all possible ways. This is also one of the forms of art expression that enjoy the most freedom of all artistic styles.

Works that are unreal

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Freedom from all art styles

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In Surrealism, one follows the impulses to get closer to the subconscious

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The surrealist artist should be aware of the existence of the conscious and the subconscious

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