Hairstyles for round faces – Which hairstyle suits me?

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Hairstyles for round faces - the benefits

You belong to the people with round faces? If so, then you are certainly lucky. You can say that in one way. Because there are many great hairstyles for round faces. We want to show you this again today.

This is how you determine the shape of your face

hairstyles medium length round face types

However, before we move on to the essence, we would like to point out once again how to determine exactly what kind of face one has. It is best to tie your hair in front of the mirror and take a closer look. In such a situation, you will be able to best determine the shape of your face.

Matching types of hairstyles for round faces

Hairstyles for round faces blond

There are certainly many concrete examples of suitable hairstyles for round lovers. With that we could actually fill ten articles. But we think we could be more helpful with a different approach. We want to work with you to determine what conditions the hairstyles for round faces must meet. Once you've internalized these rules, it's just left to choose your favorite model yourself.

Appropriate hairstyles for round faces are those that make them look longer and narrower

Hairstyles round faces short hair

So they make it look less like a ball. That's the main objective in your case too, right?

Often round faces have wide flat cheeks. Many people still like this. By matching hairstyle, this feature, which is perceived as a disadvantage, can be hidden.

Long hairstyles on round faces

Hairstyles round faces long straight

Many people are of the opinion that the long hairstyles will compensate for the disadvantages of the round faces. That's true for the most part, but not quite. Because you can do a lot more. It would be very helpful if you would comb the long hair sideways. If the hair is split right in the middle, then the face will look very round.

Ponny hairstyles on round faces

 John Shearer hairstyle round face lady

Casual horse braid

round face hairstyles pony tail horse braid blond

Ponytail done right

round face pony tail horse plait right

The Ponny is not exactly the best choice for round faces. But this is the rule and there can always be many exceptions. Some people emphasize specific and expressive eyes. The ponny on hairstyles for round faces must be really thin and at best a bit asymmetrical and unconventional. Playful, the whole thing must work.

Hair to the chin is not a good idea

hairstyles medium length round face pink

Hair to the chin is not a good idea. That's for sure. This will make the round faces even bigger and wider. Most people want to avoid this. The ideal length would be up to the shoulders. With a bit of volume in the tips, this will look great. Take care that the hair is not somehow unnaturally over your head.

Volume and hairstyles on round faces

Hairstyles for round faces waves

We have just mentioned this aspect. Surely, volume on round faces is very appropriate and important. Because only then are the beautiful features to the right advantage.

But you should not overdo it


It's best to spend more time if that works. Make the hairstyle a few hours earlier than planned.

Then she has enough time to flatten again

Hairstyles for round faces asymetrical

Casual hairstyle  Hairstyles round faces short

Asymmetric hairstyle      Hairstyles for Round Faces-medium-long

Example with a wig
Haircut long hair

Hairstyles for Round Faces-perüke

Drew Barrymore and her hairstyles

Hairstyles for round faces actress

   Elegant short hairstyle

hairstyles medium length round face asymmetrical

Cut into a pony

round face hairstyles medium short

The beautiful Gwyneth Paltrow

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