DIY decoration from newspaper – decorate the apartment in a creative way

make decoration from newspaper night table originally thought out

Decorate your home with the old newspapers and magazines instead of throwing them away

Hello, dear readers! We know that many of you like reading newspapers. But what can you do with the newspapers, magazines and magazines after you have finished reading them? Do not worry! We have 20 cute DIY ideas for decoration from drawings ready for you.

The old newspapers are an excellent material for DIY decorative ornaments. Use them to create interesting paper flowers, wreaths, Christmas decorations and many other decorative accents. You can even make very creative and curious items for your home, such as frames, mirrors from newspapers, lighting installations, and others. So do not throw away the old newspapers, use them for DIY projects. Take a look at our home decorating ideas for newspapers below and have fun decorating!

DIY decoration from newspaper

DIY decoration from newspaper picture frame bedroom bed

Gorgeous, natural wall decoration

DIY decoration from newspaper autumn leaves

Wandblume - real eye-catcher

DIY decoration from newspaper flower interesting design form

  Festive wreath on the wallDIY decoration from newspaper festive wreath wall

Decoration for Halloween

DIY decoration from newspaper garlands

Many hanging ball - Party decoration

Decoration from newspaper hanging ball party

Loving, hanging hearts

DIY decoration from newspaper heart hanging colorful

Massive wall wreath

DIY decoration from newspaper wreath stylish

  Decorative little mirrorsDecoration from newspaper star mirror christmas

Think environmentally friendly - Christmas tree from newspapers

DIY decoration from newspaper fir tree

Christmas decoration wrapped in paper

DIY decoration from newspaper christmas decoration

Windmill in different sizes

Decoration from newspaper pinwheel wall decoration

Smart idea - mirror frame made of paper

Decoration from newspaper magazines picture frame mirror