Red thread as a bracelet – Get to know the UMAI jewelry


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Red thread as a bracelet - A functional bracelet

Are you superstitious? Do you turn three times when a black cat crosses your path? And are you bringing good luck charms so that fate may be more gracious to you? If you're such a guy, maybe you're wearing a red thread on your wrist?

It is possible to combine the protective function of the red thread and the beauty of the jewelry in one. The women will like that, will not they? In this article we want to introduce you to the UMAI jewelry, namely the red thread bracelets that you can easily purchase online.

A magnificent combination of diamond and gold

red thread bracelet gold diamond

The sign of infinity in gold

red thread bracelet golden infinity

The effect and magical power of stones has been known to man for centuries. Therefore, they are also used as components of different types of jewelry; in the bracelets too. The jewelry is appreciated not only for himself, but also because of its functional application. Many people believe that some people do not mean well with them. To protect yourself from the negative energy of strangers, rely on the power of the red thread. Some just tie the red thread around their wrist, but others want it in the form of a stylish jewelry. That's why they prefer bracelets with red thread. Red thread So can protect, but could also turn into a beautiful stylish jewelry.

Simple bracelet 

red thread golden elements bracelet jewelry

Red thread with silver heart

red thread bracelet silver heart

Do you also want to have a beautiful bracelet that offers you protection and prosperity while attracting everyone's attention with its beauty? The UMAI bracelets can take care of that! Do not hesitate, these will complement your beautiful collection of jewelry, because they are elegant and gentle. Look carefully at this one again and decide on a model that suits you best! Some designs contain silver, other golden elements. What do you prefer?

Silver heart, decorated with stones

red thread silver stones jewelry

Gentle silver flower

bracelet red thread silver flower jewelry

The bracelet could be a great gift!

red thread gold circle bracelet jewelry