French breakfast – tasty deco food

french breakfast in love birds

Beautify your food

Anyone can prepare such delicious and sweet breakfasts, or better - make them together with your kids! The little ones will definitely love the idea. Eggs, croissants, fresh fruits and vegetables and your imagination are the essentials here.

As breakfasts and snacks you can prepare these quickly and atmospherically.

French breakfast

eat food decorate bunny love

The creative housewife Anne Widya, who owns her own blog and post her homemade treats, surprises us with this great, tasteful decoration food. Here you will certainly find inspiration for yourself and could design similar breakfast yourself. If you're still wondering what food you can serve at your next festive party, take a look at the variety here. Healthy and original food belong together.

For the Hello Kitty fans

eat food decorate hello kitty theme

Apples with faces

eat food decorate apple art

Yin and yang

eat food decorate evil good

Sad, lonely cat   eat food decorate cat chicken

Fantastic little animals  eat food decorate sun cat

Sponge Bob on the plate

eat food decorate sponge bob

Zebra from rice

eat food decorate zebra sun

Cute cook forms

french breakfast flowers rose red

sea ​​theme

french breakfast boat sea

Happy cow

french breakfast happy cow

Gorgeous butterfly

french breakfast spring

Happy breakfast for children

french breakfast cat sun

Funny pig

french breakfast nature cow

Sleeping bunny

French sleeping bunny breakfast

Great house

french breakfast sun orange

  I am thinking of you

breakfast delicious healthy beautiful bunny food

Cute bunny

breakfast delicious healthy beautiful bunny sun

The pink panther

eat food milk foam draw pink

3D cat made of milk foam

breakfast delicious healthy beautiful milk foamHappy little animal

breakfast delicious healthy beautiful foam milk

Birthday cake with a big spider

breakfast delicious healthy beautiful pie spider

Disney heroes for the little ones

Tasty decorating food trees

French breakfast

Tasty deco food baked

Mrs. Bunny

Tasty decoration food hase

Spring breakfast

Tasty decoration food heart flowers

Do you like pancakes too?

Tasty decoration food pancake