▷ 1001+ wall colors ideas for a dramatic living room design

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Wall design ideas for the modern living room


Usually the living room (or family room) is the space where we spend our free time. It should be particularly ergonomic and comfortable if it is suitable for large families or children's games. Such rooms need more attention and make as trendy and comfortable.

Beautiful wall colors for your living room walls

wall colors living room green wall design ideas

Wall colors living room: 100 ideas for a modern wall design

wall colors living room ideas wall decoration white wall paint

First choose your color palette

Which is your favorite lifestyle? Warm and rustic? Traditional? Contemporary? We will definitely make your choice easier! Create the ideal look and the most beautiful ambience!

Room size, wall height, architectural elements and light source are also very important components if you have the Wall colors for the living room and rethink the entire interior design.

Attractive wall colors for the living room

wall colors living room ideas wall design red wall paint

Enjoy our endless variety of living room furnishings

best wall colors living room red white wall design ideas oriental accents

Create a colored chevron pattern

select the best wall paint wall colors living room chevron pattern

Neutral wall colors ideas

best wall colors living room neutral walls painting ideas

Our color experts offer you the following suggestions:

  •  The ceiling allows you to represent other colors or dimensions in the room. Try dark tones on a high ceiling or a lighter color if the walls are painted dark. The light source should be in a different color than the interior. You should know, the light affects the wall colors.
  • Choose a color that looks neutral and can match all others.
  • Display peculiar architectural elements that have dark, saturated colors. In old, antique houses or architecturally significant apartments, these shades of color will emphasize the beauty of the interior.

Bright, rustic living atmosphere

wall colors living room ideas wall decoration fireplace

Choose the wall paint

If your living room or family room proves to be a truly formal space, we offer you to choose an elegant or an eggshell blue lacquer. But if this space is completely shapeless, a glossy finish could be the best alternative. If your house is older and there are visual defects on the walls, you can apply low gloss, tougher paint.

A skilled expert would recommend that you complete your color scheme. That means to pay attention to the smallest detail.

The spray paint is an easy way to refresh the color on the light switches, light bodies, vases, picture frames, chairs and everything else in the room.

Wall colors Ideas in warm shades - red

living room wall paint red warm living room wall colors combine

Living room wall decoration in turquoise blue

beautiful wall color turquoise blue living room wall colors trends

Turquoise is a magnetic wall paint

wall colors living room ideas wall decoration turquoise wall paint

Create a bright romantic atmosphere 

beautiful wall colors ideas living room wall paint purple gray

Indirect lighting

wall colors living room ideas wall decoration

Paint walls - more color ideas for the living room

wall colors living room ideas wall decoration beautiful wall colors

Dark, dramatic wallpaper with floral patterns

sideboard wood classic wall colors living room wall mirror

Lush interior design - wealth of colors, shapes and textiles

aesthetically dramatic dark living room wall colors

Trendy and ergonomic in the living room

attractive wall design floor lamp glamorous living room sofa wall colors living room

Freshness from the sea

color wallpainting wall colors living room

Oval and round shapes can be seen here

pale green wall colors living room open ergonomic armchair

Brown colors give warmth and coziness

brown shades warm wall colors living room

Traditional and vintage at home

wall colors living room vintage style sofa armchair floral blue wall

Modern sofa with Chavron patterns

chavron pattern sofa armchair fireplace fireplace wall colors living room

Symmetrical arrangement

details decorative fresh tulip bouquet wall colors living room

Bright and dark green textures

dark bright green wall paint wallpaper wall decal wall paint living room

Kühne wall paint combines very well with the color of the sofa

shades wall pattern soft carpet runner wall colors living room

Elegant and strict lines

extravagant dark blue beautiful wall colors living room

Traditional living room offers coziness

family room green sofa wall colors living room neutral wall design

Eclectic family room

family room low coffee table earth globe sofas wall colors living room

Accent wall goes well with the interior design here

formal furnishings wall colors living room

Green window frames and ceiling even make the room glow

fresh furnishings living room wall colors living room

Airy, open space

ambiente bright walls furniture colorful throw pillows wall colors living room

Yellow floral patterned wallpaper as a focal point

yellow floral pattern Wall colors for living room wall-colored living room

The spring colors bring freshness

yellow green combined living room sofa pillow beautiful wall colors living room

Variety of patterns, textiles and points of view

cozy living room wall design pillow table beautiful wall colors living room

Modern art in the traditional room

great pictures frame attractive beautiful wall colors living room yellow motifs

A wall that serves as a home library

house library books shelves wall design beautiful wall colors living room

Here you put on green and red colors

home furnishings living room furniture soft comfortable

Pale wall colors completed by orange curtains

bright living room furniture orange curtains carpet beautiful wall colors living room

Lively green color

bright green fresh spring living room white beautiful wall colors living room

Mint green painted brick wall

bright mint green blue wall design beautiful wall colors living room

The high brick walls offer an industrial touch, but the furniture looks very classic

high ceiling living room beautiful wall colors living room

Urban interior

industrial urban style old chest beautiful wall colors living room

Do you find brown and orange to go well together?

beautiful wall colors living room orange walls home textiles brown

Decorations like the throw pillows make this room look colorful

panels wood panels compact living room

Matted, black wall design does not seem dramatic here, otherwise strange

boldly black frosted beautiful wall colors living room bright sofa

Huge murals here form the wall design

artfully dramatic wall colors living room dark

Abstract and grotesque paintings

beautiful modern house living room airy open

A natural note can be seen here - side table made of tree stump

Rustic style living room sofa pillows branches

An entire wall of leather displays chavron patterns

chavron pattern leather wall paint green blue

Sweet colors and symmetry in the living room

Luxury extravagant living room wall colors table lamps

Abstract motifs and ball lamps of various sizes

Interior design living room of various height ball lamps

Frosted, black wall design looks glamorous

Frosted black wall paint living room lacquer chandelier

Pink and feminine

bold pink bold bold luminous sofa paintings splendid wall colors living room

Self-adhesive wall stickers

nature inspired tree white wall decal gray frosted wall colors living room

No walls can be found here, only windows

Natural light living room wall colors roof window wall colors living room

Nautical style of living

nautical style living room wall paint blue wall paint living room

Sunny ambience and orange accents

orange garish curtains patterned covers furniture wall colors living room

Minimalist, but absolutely striking

pink living room sofa floor vase design beautiful wall colors living room

Colorful, modular wall pattern - oriental furniture

splendor colors colorful living room oriental wall paint living room

Eclectic, lush living atmosphere - maybe this apartment belongs to an artist

properly artwork rich colors styles textures wall colors living room

Contemporary, energetic living room

carpet soft sofas pillow white wall design

  Pale, nice shades of color

rustic vintage living room decor colorful wall colors living room

Factual and meaningful at the same time

factually monotonous oriental pattern throw pillows wall colors living room

Traditional family room for 4 people attached

clean lines colorful throw pillows bouquet wall colors living room

Snow white living room design

snow white american wooden wall design style wooden wall design

Monochromatic room shows foci like the throw pillows and the lampshade on

black sofa color gray floor lamp pompous beautiful wall colors living room

Yellow shutters warm the living room

privacy beige side table cushion warm ambiente

Green wall design - black, floral wall tattoos

simple living room design bold wall design wall stickers

Effective wallpapers represent a city environment

urban ambiente wall paper stickers living room

Feminine and absolutely sweet

cute cool trendy living room interior design ideas

Elegant symmetry and many floral patterns

symmetrical wall design living room geometric figures

Diamond shapes can be seen here on the walls

wallpapers gray figural lozenges pop art red sofas beautiful wall colors living room

Standard family room offers comfort and style

beautiful wall colors living room wallpaper floral pattern fresh spring

Indirect lighting brings more heat

beautiful wall colors living room wall design wood comfortable furniture

Glowing, orange wall

beautiful wall colors living room orange living room carpet armchair

Brick wall design makes the space appear industrial

beautiful wall colors living room brick wall red sofa cushion stool

Various, beautifully patterned home textiles

Variety paintings wall colors living room living room

Another pink interior on display

virtual living room furniture pink chandelier glass

Pale, nice colors at home

Wall colors for the living room feminine mint green pink stool

Fresh yellow on the walls

Wall colors for the living room bright yellow vivid indian symbols motifs

Natural stone and built-in fireplace look antique

Wall colors for the living room natural stone fireplace factual table

Eclectic and extravagant

Wall colors for the living room traditional classic dresser sideboard

Classic interior design with purple wall design absolutely transformed

wall colors purple ceilings high living room carpet

Clear, clean design

wall color living room currently trendy floor lamp fireplace dining room

Robust, subtle symmetry inspired by nature

wall design living room warm wood sofas table

Muted and feminine again

wall paint steamed table wood board family room

The whole color palette here influences the senses

wall wood vintage wall paint for the living room

Wall decal - family tree

wall decal family tree photos original home idea

Autumn leaves - the theme of the wall stickers

wall tattoo wall design living room carpet

Black and white and meaningful

wall decal white nature purple modern trend color

Bright green wall decoration

warm traditional wall colors for living room dresser wood

Garden roses as a floral pattern on the wall

white wallpaper pink floral pattern feminine living room colors

Factual walls are completed by the attractive flooring

white wall colors attractive flooring living room

Receive the wild nature at home

wild nature animals living room wall decal sticker bold choice

Olive wall design

living room dining yellow traditional carpet

Bold and bright colors

Living room corner stackable table wood dark blue colors

Wallpapers and patterns connect very well

living room fresh comfortable shelves sofas carpet

Designer tables arranged stackable

living room big soft sofa pillow blue wall design

Transparent lampshades in the form of triangles

brick wall painted white bright colors oriental look