Living room walls Ideas – Are you looking for innovative ideas with pictures?

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Living room walls ideas for an original wall design

We live in times of smartphones and social networks. It has never been easier to capture great moments from everyday life. Do you too? Is it missing you by chance at a place with good decoration? Here are a few Living room walls ideas, which will solve both problems at the same time.

Just think of the great and interesting conversations that will start! Here are some super creative ways to attach them to the wall.

Stylish living room design with pictures on the wall

Living room walls ideas white black

Photos on the wall with different sized frames

Living room walls decorate pictures

Do you have a home office or another office where many boards with clips are left? At some point you have too much of it. They are certainly not all used. Unless you decide to decorate it with the wall. Attach to this your favorite pictures. Then you need a few matching hoes on the wall. The holes on the clips are great for hanging the boards on the wall. Was that already occurred to you? It is lightweight and can fit well in many types of living rooms ...

The frames are leaned against the wall, and not hanged

Living room decorating walls

Another easy way to make pictures on the wall is with pictures that are simply glued to the wall. You should only print them all in the same format. So they will appear well within the common constellation. Draw different shapes, which make them from the pictures.

You could create a heart out of many pictures together

walls decorate pictures hang

With clothespins and a few wires you can relax, you could also make a great installation. In an eclectic living room, where you want to introduce a more casual touch, such an idea can look wonderful.

The wall looks very original, do not you think?

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Another great idea is a metal grid that no longer fulfills its old function. Attach this to the wall. Then you have the possibility to attach different pictures to it. Do not completely cover the grille, because its appearance is to a large extent the charm of the whole.

Frames can also be painted or made from duct tape. In that case, you should have some skill for DIY projects. But this gives you the opportunity to integrate visually varied images in a uniform appearing image.

Extremely small and extremely large frames look surprisingly good next to each other

living room ideas wall design pictures

Combine pictures with mirrors

home decor deco living room design

 Pictures, hung next to each other

living room walls hang ideas pictures

 Simple and stylish

beautiful living ideas original wall decoration

Two rows of pictures in a large frame

Living room walls ideas pictures frame

Pictures on the green background

original deco living room walls

 You can lean the photos on thin shelves against the wall

Living room walls ideas photos white black

They could cover the whole wall with pictures

Living room walls ideas photos on the wall

Smaller pictures surround the larger ones

living room walls ideas photos pictures